President Jonathan seeks feedback from Nigerians on power supply

Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokr, has asked Nigerians to give feedbacks on the state of power in every area. Hopefully this is a call to find a way to find a lasting solution to the power sector of the country. Internet has proved to be a  viable avenue during bad times, let’s make it useful to solve out problems too by responding to this message without bending the truth.

This is how he said it on twitter so you follow and have your say…


  1. Mr president, power in my area in lagos state @ Agbara to Badagry. Atleast for a week now, i have seen some changes. I pray we see more of this. But for now, there is changes.

  2. Pse, Let Mr President not be misled, by sycophants and praise-singers, on the present minimal improvement. The truth on the power state can only be reasonably assessed during the dry season when the water level goes low. The current situation is normal as has always been the case during such a season.

  3. In fairness, power has improved when compared with last few months. what we are looking forward to is a situation where we can stay for a whole day without power out, then we shall give kudos to Mr. President.

  4. Power supply has improved in my vicinity Oshodi Mafoluku 2b precise,constant from morning till night for over 2weeks now.Kudos to PHCN,More grease to ur elbow JONAH.

  5. I must salute the President first for his courage,but he must do more to take Nigerians out of darkness,there has been improvement in Power sector,that everybody has greatest problem is that I keep seeing agreements signed by investors everyday on papers but no significant changes to that rate,Implementation is our major problem.I hope will do more in ensuring that detractors don’t succeed.

  6. Femi Fani-Kayode, when he was Special Assistant to Obasanjo on Media did this same thing. He went to town lauding Obasanjo on the then very minimal and temporary improvement in power supply. It ended immediately the wet/raining season ended. This has been happening ages ago. Power supply increases during cool weather because many would discard the use of fans and air conditions thereby reducing demand. Also more water would be available at thermal stations while transformers would also work better. Let’s wait till December or January when the weather would be hot before launching this feedback project.

  7. Greetings to the president from my humble self, the development in power supply is really astonishing, its expedient to metion that it is really a great one but the billing is almost out of control. Thanks

  8. what mr president is doing in the power sector of which a blind man could see, is highly discretional. in ebute metta (nigerian railway compound) where i live, there is a total transformation in terms of power supply. i urge mr president to do more and also maintain the good works. lastly, the governors governing d boko haram state should be asked to work on the law enforcement agent in their various states. failure to do so, the president should make use of his veto power to impeach them.

  9. In all honesty,power supply in my area has improved greatly. In the last two weeks,i’v nt made use of my generator(in my home) which i normally switch on every night i came bck frm work. The major problem we ar havn now is dt d power fluctuates steadly n i in particular had some of my electrical gadgets dt i cherish much damaged by d unusual voltage. D light supply in my office improvd greatly too n doesnt fluctuate.(from Nkpor-Onitsha,Anambra state.)

  10. For d 1st tym ve had steady power suply in my country home for good 3days now,no siezure atall,Mr presiden u ve tried,ex president Obasanjo made his name by bringing GSM to Nigeria nd today atleast he is remembered for dat,so if u can make ur own name through steady power supply…u too will always b remembered for dat.As for ex-president Babangida talking about not having good advisers,pls…i may ve bin a child in his regime,so pls what remarkable thing did he do in his own time,is there any special thing???? If no,why is he now talking pls??

  11. Infact in Sabon Gari Kano Enugu Road anybody that says that power have not change must be lying. Jonathat I hailooo. Thats why i said they should allow him to think and work plesooooo

    Power have change in Kano state as a whole. Keep it up

  12. from d luk of tins, i tink 9geria is getn beta. But it seems dat oyigbo is not in river state not 2 talk of been in 9geria, we can only b fooled dat light wil come but we wunt see any. Rada we only see bills and if we dnt pay we see embarasment. Pls let mr. President do something over dis.

  13. I don’t know why people are even bothering to comment on the power situation?! It shows how retarded Nigerians rili are and have been for ages! Bcos if you are not retarded mentally then you are supposed to know the power situation improves in Nigeria every rainy season when water levels have risen and temperatures are cooler! And then it will get worst wen the dry season sets in. What the Government shud have done is tell us 1. Have they built any more power stations 2. Has the number of MW generated from the power stations increased? 3. What long term solution have they provided? Come to places like kuje, mararaba, dutse etc in Abuja and you will discover how bad the situation rili is, yet these areas are not more than 20minutes drive to the city center…sincerely this Government need to exhaust their tenure and vacate so another person can try. All the money they have embezzled tru fuel subsidy would have built 2 more kainji power stations with change sef just that naija are used to hardship already so they r not thinkin well again

  14. Mr President, power in my area has improved so well dat most nights i sleep wit PHCN light with has led to less noise in the neighborhood from generators. We will support your govt and play our part as nigerians for more developments. #nigeriamustdevelop.

  15. sir, honestly, light has improved in ma area gbagada nd also in ifako agege nd dis wil boost production output in d manufacturing nd agricultural industry bt our people needs 2 b enlightened abt power\energy saving . Mr president , i will also like 2 advice u nt to privatise the power sector bcus it will lead to mass unemployment nd dis might lead 2 robbery , insecurity etc. We will just hv 2 advice d PHCN workers nd bring white men 2 teach dem modern techniques in d power sector. I hope my advice is put into consideration. Thank you.

  16. yes they is much improvement in power then befor. at my office in wuse 2 & my house too. but things is not working well for good people of nigerian. the cost of living is so high please do something

  17. My problem is peculiar in the sense that we don’t have transformer in our area for over five (5) years now, my area is called Gonigora GRA behind Army Strike Force Gonigora. It is situated right on the road no body comes to Kaduna or Leaves Kaduna to Abuja and other state without passing the area it is right in the heart of Kaduna and we have exhausted all avenue to legitimately have electricity but the officials of PHCN in Kaduna State have Frustrated all our effort as there is no legitimate justification for denying us transformers for Five years. We have taken drastic steps including lobbying, consultations and even petition as there are legal grounds to suspect unfair discrimination but all to no avail, we leave everything in the hands of God. So until I have electricity in my house which I pray that you would help I can contribute to this current discussion. However I can solicite for your help in this regard thanks save us!!!!!

  18. Aldou Ȋ̝̊̅† has improve alite bit but since 2wks №ω we Ђåvε̲̣̣̣̥ nt goten lite I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ area ketu due †φ d on goin strike. A̶̲̥̅♏ usn D̶̲̥̅̊š medium 2 urge mr p †φ pls find lastn solutn †φ d problem. Ǥϑϑ∂ bless Nigeria. ⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣.

  19. No matter what happen, dn’t cuse. Cuse wil not change enything, but it’s the work of the heart. Wel done Mr. President.

  20. i use to light in most places in bauchi but not my area:- overhead tank along gubi dam, just twice a week as usual. i hope changes will be improved upon.

  21. jona, se o tun de ,abi, now is power supply dat’s temporal. well we should wait, cos Nigerians are 2 quick in respondng 2 tins lik dis o, same pple will kill same man dey praisd. 4 me if jona wants 2 work let him work and stop dis ideal of toilng with pple. Am sorry 2 say dat jona has not bn serious wth his biz or promises 2 citizens, it’s all game. I pray GOD would help us out desert wey we dey o aba, wey tin self. light no dey, water no dey, economu nko, no dey. when all dis tins want deyself,?aba jona, e de try fun nigerians now.

  22. Mr president is trying in the power sector, just last week we had power supply all through.this week it is just the same, How i wish, power failure will be a thing of the past. Bravo! Mr president


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