Question Of The Day: If This Happened In Nigeria, What Will Be The Fate Of These Policemen?

It is the largest and biggest street carnival in Europe and it holds annually in London- the Notting Hill Carnival is what it is called.

Dancers dressed in colourful plumage and bejewelled bikinis made their way through the streets of west London today as hundreds of thousands of people watched the annual festivities. It is estimated that the event is attended by a million people in a single day.

The carnival which is in its 48th year and expected to come to a climax today after two days of non-stop excitement and beautiful display of different cultures and traditions, saw the addition of  2,000 police officers drafted in yesterday to bring the total on duty at the carnival to 7,000.

My question is, if this were to be, say the Calabar Street Carnival, and (wo)men of the Nigerian Police are caught on camera in this sort of poses, what do you think will happen to them? What will you say?


  1. He will be defaulted and try on oath follow by dismissal gbam.Because,our Nigeria police management team are not mature and civilised in such a way to understand that u as an officer,u did not call for the incident.

  2. Useless irrelevant question that has nothing to do with our economic development. idiot provide stories relating to the efforts made by government of Nigeria towards JOBS creation & SECURITY OF LIFE & PROPERTY. We do not need unnecessary stories like this please. Tell us what Nigerian Government is doing with regards to the welfare of Nigerians not the fun that a British police man is having on the street of West London.