Video – Nigerian Olympic Star Tells USA Journalist He Is Not Nigerian

While we were thinking the olympic drama had ended this came into light as Nigeria’s Olympic Basketball team player Al Farouq Aminu was recently approached by US celebrity news website TMZ and asked about his nationality.

Aminu clearly stated he wasn’t a Nigerian and had never stepped foot inside the country.


  1. Hahahahaha. So funny. Hw wont he deny his country as every thing is turning upside down in the country? Dats y I dnt even want to blame dose ar ‘missing’ during the olympics bcos after d games and dey brot back home, dey ar 4goten and soon begin to face d hardship in deir country, so its beta 4 dem to be ‘missing’ so dey could look 4 greener pasture.

  2. TMZ is insulting. He was not denying Nigeria. They asked him where he is from and he answered where he’s from. He’s from Atlanta, GA. He has dual citizenship. He’s allowed to represent both countries in the Olympics. Those who don’t understand this need to become more educated.

  3. Clearly he is proud of his father’s country because he chose to represent them in the Olympic games. Don’t be ridiculous. He was asked where he’s from and do you expect him to pretend to be born where he was not? NO, he answered the question – period. He even acknowledged Nigeria as his father’s birth place. This self hate must stop. We should not insult those who work hard to represent our countries pride. He did not have to work hard to try and bring home the Gold for Nigeria. The fact that they didn’t quite make it does not diminish his attempt.