Klint d’ Drunk And Wife Celebrate Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary

The popular comedian who mimics a drunk so perfectly you had think he is perpetually drunk, is married to a very beautiful lady, Lilien, and they are blessed with two wonderful boys.
The beautiful couple who have been married since 2007 celebrated their 5th anniversary yesterday. But wait o! just curious, all these comedians have lovely women in their lives – I am thinking of becoming a comedian too maybe I will also get me a lovely woman by so doing but snag is, I don’t know how to make people laugh like these people do.
Anyways, here is wishing them a happy wedding anniversary.


  1. D comedian industry seems to be more decent example i go die wit beautiful wife nd kids, basketmout sametin, klint d drunk etc but d case is diferent wit nolywood were u hav weding today divorce tomorow


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