Top ten private jets owned by wealthy Nigerians and how much they cost(Pastor Adeboye made the list)

This list was said to have been culled from Encomium magazine, and it is quite revealing. The magazine wrote thus:
More exciting revelations have emerged that the penchant for private jets acquisition has cost wealthy Nigerians over N1 trillion in five years. The luxury trend actually rose by 650% between 2007 and 2012, this has increased the rate of private jet acquisition from 20 in 2007 to over 150 in 2012 which has placed Nigeria  and china as the fastest growing private jets markets in the world.

Top ten private jets by wealthy Nigerians.
Type                                                              Price                           Owner
1. Falcons 7X.                                          $51m(N8.2billion)           Mike Adenuga
2. Bombardier Global 6000                       $45.5m(N7.3billion)       Unknown
3. Bombardier Global Express 5000          $45m(N7.2billion)          Aliko Dangote
4. Gulfstream G550                                   $40m(N6.4billion)         Bishop Oyedepo
5. Gulfstream V                                        $30m(N4.8billion)         Bishop Oyedepo & Pastor Adeboye

6. Bombardier Challenger 604                $30m(N4.8b)             Mike Adenuga
7. Embracer Legacy 650                        $30m (N4.8b)            Ifeanyi Uba
8. Hawker 900XP                                 $20m(N3.2b)             Dr Kashim and Sir Aremu Johnson
9. Gulfstream G450                               $15m(N2.4b)              Bishop oyedepo
10. LearJet                                           $13.3m (N2.1b)          Bishop Oyedepo and Dr Kashim


  1. Well, I’m happy for them but I think those who are role models to jobless youths and to childre who also look up to them should at list channel some of their MILLIONS to help the needy. I even wonder the pastors among them, how has this added to their ministry? *mtshew*

  2. The pastors there did need it…Do U̶̲̥̅̊ know how many time D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ travel during d weeks,month A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ years? The truth is D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ don’t minister in Nigeria alone…! All d same too much of it is what I don’t appreciate in person!

  3. They need what? Who is stopping them from using commercial airlines? Or ministering to a seat mate in the course,so,that’s what they do with the moneuy of poor church members? Instead of helping with the economy of this country,they are investing our money in another country. All these pastors,are far worst than politicians. Mtcheeeeeeeeew

  4. I’m glad this issue has been brought to light. What is a pastor who calls himself a man of God, and has been called to the service of God and humanity. Acquire more jets than all the business men on that list. These so called pastors who can quote the bible from genesis to revelation didn’t they see that Jesus Christ never owned a horse or even a donkey. U claim to be servants of God but yet u place urselves as demi gods, who can’t share a sit in the same aircrafts as a common man. Personally I believe pastors are the most corrupt people. Because u have the power to influence ur congregation positively but then they choose to lias with the rich politicians. Instead of the poor common man whose tights and offerings to the church is what sustains and puts food on it table. God is watching u all.

  5. Molowo!molowo!noni…..during d days of jesus christ and his followers, they ar very poor.Even Jesus did miracle of money in order to pay their tax,give wat belong to ceiszer(devil) to ceiszer(devil) nd wat belong to God to God(dont loss for thingx of dis world).Jesus those’nt own a donkey, let alone a chariot.When jesus went to Jerusellem, d donkey dat transported him was a miracle.Nigerians wiseup, u ar MAGA’S to dis so called man of God.Maga don pay for dem, make dem shout Halehluya…mugu don pay, 2much money to dem…D bible says dat, it is very easy for a carmel to enter into d eye of a nidle,but it’s very hard for a rich man to see d kingdom of God.Dat means it is impossible for d rich to see God’s kingdom .Wiseup Naija

  6. I am concerned with the pastors who has turned them selves from being servants of God to Men of god. I am sure in their various churches you find people living in poorverty, people who find it difficault to eat. Is that what jesus teaches??? Jesus fed the hunger, heal the sick and gave hope to hopeless. No wonder jesus said that it will be easier for carmel to pass through the eye of the nidle than a rich man to go to heaven, in otherwords it is impossible for a rich man to go to heaven. Why?? God’s intention is not for men to acumulate wealth, his intention is for the wealth to be spread to the poor and the needy. That means that as long as there is still poor people around u, u are not allowed to acumulate wealth. That is why the bible says ” What shall it profit a man that he gets all the riches in the world and loose his soul?” No wonder in our Lords prayer, jesus teaches us to ask for our daily bread and NOT breads for our ten generations to come. PASTOR!!!, MAN OF GOD!!!, Are u doing what Jesus ask u to do? What God will Judge on the last day are many. There will be surprises in the last day, people expected to be number one in heaven will be found in hell while people less expected will make it. May God help us.

  7. @ Don,U̶̲̥̅̊ dnt need to castigate them,read d bk of isaaih 45,1-3,if U̶̲̥̅̊ look aruond U̶̲̥̅̊ now,U̶̲̥̅̊ wiLl see dat its only genuine children of God,i mean true servants of God are high flyers now.y dnt U̶̲̥̅̊ go close to dem and then ​how dey mk it do wat dey did and i promise U̶̲̥̅̊,U̶̲̥̅̊ will achieve d same results.its God’s wish for U̶̲̥̅̊ to prosper.maybe U̶̲̥̅̊ can start by giving ur life to Christ and doing His will.He’s d Lord dat teacheth U̶̲̥̅̊ to profit.Joshua 1:8 says “†ђi§ book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth;bt thou shall meditate therein day and night,that thou mayest observe to do according to all dat is written therein:for then thou shalt make thy way properous and then thou shall have good success” do wat dey did and U̶̲̥̅̊ will get ur own jet.shalom.

    • This is wia u pple get it wrong….dat is d fat lie de tel u pple…..d bible told us plainly that we shld b ready to suffer for d sake of d gospel…use ur rational mind to judge, is it rite to hav 4 private jets as a pastor? even mike adenuga nd dangote do nt av four….cal a spade a spade bro…

    • Cheneye you a getting it wrong, how do these pastors makes their money if not from the poor members who pay tithes and offering? instead of them to use the money to help the poor as Jesus did, they spent it in affluence, why would a pastor need 4 private jet? for goodness sake. i doubt if any of these pastors will make heaven.

  8. Mr ola keep lying to urself dat God has done it for them,the sooner u accept d truth d better for u,what sort of business is a “man of God” into that he can afford to own 3 private jets?only in nigeria,u keep giving ur offerings in church and they keep buying d jets and building mansion while u feed from hand to ur eyes they pastors are frauds

  9. D truth is dat,we all like wat’s good bt every good thin has price tag but we can’t pay d price 2be close 2God &enjoy d benefits of bein God’s personal person but we criticize men of God that paid d price and got comfortability,riches and fame in many of these critic can pay d price of fastin 40days staright, spendin d whole of ur time wit God,abandonin d worldly pleasures and studin d bible and readin books and followin mentors? Meanwhile,bulk of d money dis pastors have come from personal gifts,pledges,vows,not offerin.. Dr.Mike murdock said some1 pledged to give him d latest mercedes car every year until he dies,even wen he has a lot of cars he has neva entered b4.he said he has received a single donation of $1M b4, even Oyedepo has received a single gift of 500M naira b4.. Dis is bcos of d sacrifices dey made, prayed 4 ppl and d prayer worked!

  10. Hmmmmm this is fun, I don’t envy them afterall, we are only learning. The Pastor really needs those jets, he has 4 now; I like it, I think he should buy more so the ministery will move well, who knows maybe he wanna open a branch of the church in the sky. Yet members of the church still pay for transportation in the buses bought with their own offerings and tithe. God will save us all.

  11. Nigerians we need to open our eyes and stop allowing every leader in our homes, schools, offices churches or in the Country at large. These leaders were elected to serve us not manipulate and use us to enrich themselves. the Common man works so hard to earn a living and for the Love we have for God we go to church to serve him and also give offerings of thanx giving to God. Now after all this the pastors slap us in our faces by using this sweat to enrich himself. Its not fair lets be honest. they can fly first class no one is stopping them, if its necessary to own a jet why not own one. what are they doing with two. these so called pastors don’t have love & respect for humanity in their hearts. please they should invest in free education, free healthcare, free feeding 2times a day and giving out clothing’s(even if they are second hands) to the less privileged in the church. Nigerians love going to church a lot, and i personally believe that we can be influenced positively by this church we believe in so much. So for those of u who support these Ur pastors in owning jets and Yachts tell them to channel other funds they have to helping the poor. more than 60%of Nigerians cant afford 3 square meals. alot of women would volunteer to cook for free in all these churches. please as they set up churches in every nook and cranny so can they help the less privileged in those areas. Not just setting up churches to collect money like tax collectors. Abeg the Pastors should try their followers believe in them alot. Rhis news of owning private jets is not good at all.

    • I really don’t know why Nigerians are quick to comment on issues like this. Hv u all read about d contributions of these men of God to humanity? I know one of them that have countless number of students on his scholarship program. D same man does not make noise about his generosity. In ur own very little way, how many lives have u all touched? U really do not have to be a millionaire b4 u can be a blessing to other pple. U b4 u leap….

  12. Naija I dey hail o! I’m not surprised. Just watch FAKE PASTORS in Nigeria in Youtube and you’ll see how poor the villages these ‘pastors’ come from are. Jesus told a rich young man to sell all he had and give to the poor and follow him. If these men are from God they should do the same.

  13. Pple who support a pastor owning three private jets are u ok? Do u guys read bible at all ? Is one not enough for d pastor if he must buy a jet? If a pastor travels all d time he can fly first class flights and channel other money into helping poor pple or developing niaja . They say money is d root of all evils .acquring properties every where is it d call a pastor received .why are there so many fools in naija who can’t think for themselves? As a pastor u can own assets but two ,three private jets what for ? I blame naija govts they shld start taxing dis pastors bcos they are confirmed business men. Arise oh lord and expose all the evils in dis country .its too much .all these Politicians ,public office holders who keep nigeria in dis bad shape run to dis pastors for prayers and they will collect money inform of sowing seed and pray for them . What kind of wickedness is in dis country ? Those supporting a pastor owning three jets how many do u have ? Is it dat God hate u and love them more? Dis is somebdy being materialistic !

  14. Blame the poor who pay 10% income to Adeboye & co as tites; 60% to numerous other batchers churches to sow seed & still claim/remain poor and stupid because they claim to have zero income and pay no govt taxes. They will remain poor. So Atiku/IBB/BOKO HARAM/IBORI/ODILLI did not make the list! I do not believe the list. Research again

  15. Chaiii….a pastor owning more than 4 private jet…..wat tha hell!!!!!! Can he come and face tha world and tell us how he got tha moni……….it is even hard for islams to own a toyota camry…..people in their churchs keeping dieing of hunger even obama doesn’t own two private jet and that the president of america(and america is just lyk the center of tha world)….and dis people keep telling youth to stop doing fruads…..lyk yahoo!!!yahoo!!….dey r evening the best thief in the country……GOD help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Many that makes comments have no understanding on how wealth and riches come to God’s servants/people….You shall not borrow but even lend to nations (paraphrased) what about that.For those who are against,in all thy getting get understanding.

  17. If Ɣøû think Ɣøû must pay ur tithe to the church, Ɣøû er charmed nd doomed. it’s compulsory agreed. Give me a verse of the bible dt says Ɣøû must pay to the Church and further substantiated dt it’s the only way “tithes will be accepted” perhaps dt bcos wot d chur will do with it, Ɣøû are deprive of dsame privilege.

  18. I know our God is wise and has placed every fact before we believers yet we suffer from lack us knowledge. It happened to King Solomon – we start well but end badly. We have a part to play for our salvation and that is to remain faithful even to the end. Christ after confirming that the rich man applying to be his disciple had kept all the 10 commandments, sent him to ‘ go and sell every thing he has and give to the poor before coming to follow Christ’. Note what Jesus said that where a man’s treasure is, there his interest will be. Jesus instructs us not to be busy finding faults with others but to concenterate with saving our own souls (Matt 7:1-5). He reminds us that not all who call Him Lord Lord, will enter in to the kingdom of Heaven (Matt 7:21) That many are called but few are chosen (Matt 20:16c). We believers know that nothing but our souls, will enter into heaven, so all earthly aggrandizement is a way of distracting us from our heavenly race. Keep a straight face and run your heavenly race without side glances, (like the poor man called Lazarus), your reward is waiting for you in heaven. You can never eat your cake and have it back. The devil will always entice us with Greek gifts from occult people and groups. We are at the end of the end time. Let our Lord Jesus be the Judge not you or me. Even Prophet Elijah did not go to heaven with his mantle. Please pay your tithe to God as commanded it is necessary as written in –
    Mal 3:8 You people are robbing me, your God. And, here you are, asking, “How are we robbing you?” You are robbing me of the offerings and of the ten percent that belongs to me.
    Mal 3:9 That’s why your whole nation is under a curse.
    Mal 3:10 I am the LORD All-Powerful, and I challenge you to put me to the test. Bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse, so there will be food in my house. Then I will open the windows of heaven and flood you with blessing after blessing.
    Mal 3:11 I will also stop locusts from destroying your crops and keeping your vineyards from producing.
    Mal 3:12 Everyone of every nation will talk about how I have blessed you and about your wonderful land. I, the LORD All-Powerful, have spoken!. This is why Nigeria is suffering lack and depravity.

    • why do people keep talking about malachi every time? talk about the woe Jesus christ mentioned about the rich men and the kingdom of GOD if it is difficult for rich men to entire the kingdom of GOD why are the men of GOD acquiring wealth or is it that they are not men of GOD but business men/women who are out to enrich their pockets thereby misleading the people?. there are many places in the bible in which GOD rebuke reach men. why are they not mentioning this places? moreover, malachi is old testament we are in the new testament. if you want to keep the law in the old testament then salvation is not for you. you should then include the tithe with other old testament laws such as animal sacrifices e.t.c

  19. Using hard earned tithe payed by their members( congregations) to enrich themseves. the same church some worshipers cannot afford three square meal as a result of abject poverty. The church is an agent of impoverishment.

  20. Why are we concerned about men of God in this issue. If worldly men can own two private jets in this country what stops a man who has the life of God in him. The Bible says that as God is in heaven, so we are on earth. God is very great in heaven therefore we have to be very great on earth. And again before any critics i think we do some findings about what these men have contributed in the lives of many. Stay blessed everyone!

    King’s Son.

    • if so why did Jesus christ lived a humble life when he was on earth along with his disciples? he could have acquired wealth but he chose otherwise and yet this men of GOD claimed to follow Christ. please don’t be decieved. read and understand the bible

  21. There is no crime in owning a jet/jets, esp as a children of God who r kings and Queens with multiple streams of income, but Godliness with contentment is great gain. Let us not judge but re-examine ourselves internally and Praise God for men of God enlisted and tap into the source of all GOOD- God(CHRIST JESUS)

  22. Bishop David Oyedepo quote; if you do what He (God) command, you will be in command. Faith is the universal currency that carries same value in every market. He is a terrific giver and this is one of the reasons 4 his inexplicable wealth.

  23. Hmmm I’m not surprise anything can happen in this country , member of church as use a jet as birth gift only happen in Nigeria…..small time people go talk say synagogue is man of Devil and he taking care of needs but see what man of God are using their money to do
    Only God know who dey serve him…..

  24. These pastors have sacrificed a lot to get to were they are. Many pple don’t even know where they are coming from……so stop saying shit!!!!

    Na human being deh give dis pastors expensive gifts, moni etc…. Pple weh God don pass tru dis pastors to bless. Pple like U and I. So pray for elargement coz poverty mentality don finish some Nigerianz.

  25. Its allowed.. Use what you have to find what you want. I think the so call pastors invested money in starting their churches just like Dangote and every other business men in Nigeria. Also like G guys who invested money in buying their Laptop. Mugu fall guy man chop. Pls let them enjoy…….. Their maga do pay

  26. Its allowed.. Use what you have to find what you want. I think the so call pastors invested money in starting their churches just like Dangote and every other business men in Nigeria. Also like G guys who invested money in buying their Laptop. Mugu fall guy man chop. Pls let them enjoy…….. Their maga don pay

  27. GOD says we should not Judge. So i will not judge. But personaly, I wonder why i should spend billions acquiring private jets when their is so much poverty and deprivation in this world, Starting from my neighbours, down to my village, my state(Cross River) up to kaura Namoda in Northern Nigeria, straight to the Horn of Africa Somalia. Or will i say the Poor extremes of the world. The work of God has no boundries. Tell me, why i should board my private jet, fly to Haiti ( a poor Nation), preach the Gospel and just fly back to Nigeria.Rather than board a KLM commercial airline to this same Haiti, preach to the poor citizens and then donate Drugs, set up vocation centres for skills acquisition,and issue out scholarships worth billions. Please Nigerians. What do you tink of my personal opinion?

  28. Well, I see no wrong in that. Its just a means of transportation. Jets are made to be bought, & yes, they bought them. Jesus could as well walk into Jerusalem, but he was provided a donkey. Most of this jets are gift to them. So, don’t judge. If I ve my money now, I’ll reach the poor eventhough I don’t work to feed them, so, don’t I get to get something for me too? Dear poor ones, cmon, don’t be selfish.

  29. Oh my! People here are just funny! The fact that most of the jets are owned by Pastors doesn’t mean that they bought it with church money. You people should understand that God promised everyone that serve Him dilligently a happy reward, so it’s not anybody’s right to judge these men of God. However, I will like to state here that it is better to give to the poor and the needy, rather than acquiring it all for ourselves, but we all know the state of our International Airports. You can wait for hours before your flight is ready! Don’t you think these private jets are helping the preachers to get close to their people faster? Please let us all mind what we say and stop judging. Is not on anybody’s account if I buy what I like and no matter what they say, once I am sure that God is happy and supports it, it creates no problem. So, hypocrites, shut up!

  30. D bible says ” in all thy getting get wisdom” God increase ur children with wisdom, knowledge n understanding. Give n it shall b given unto u good measure, press down shaking 2geda shall men give unto thy bosom, how many of u can fast 4 3days? How many of u can deny ur self of d pleasures in dis world to do what these GREAT MEN are doing? JESUS was made poor that we can b rich, he shed his blood dat our blood shall nt b shed, no man on earth has ever be as rich as king solomon yet he was Gods personer person. If these men chose to use public flight u BASKET mouth will say they travel 2much on public flight, keep quit 4 once, do what they do n see if u won’t owe more jet than they do. Sow into this kind of anointing n flow in everlasting wealth.

  31. Wow!!! Private jets is okay! However, u must take cognizance of the poor around!!! They need ur to own more than 1 jets! This inter national people might need them for their ministry.this jet are not da same so is their use.some are hanged outside nigeria and u can imagine the nature of preaching the gospel ,it is time consciousness and a steady let them go and don’t judge anybody God warns!!!there is a rersult 4 everything as God liveth. Everyone is a kit and kin to get it and make heaven together

  32. only God knows who is real serants are, so therefore its not for anyone human being to judge a fellow human being lest we incure God’s wrath, moreso if these men happen to be the anointed of the most high…… let them enjoy the luxury while they have access to it.

  33. only God knows who is real serants are, so therefore its not right for anyone human being to judge a fellow human being lest we incure God’s wrath, moreso if these men happen to be the anointed of the most high…… let them enjoy the luxury while they have access to it.

  34. So much hullabaloo about things people do not know about,i believe some of the comments here are from some people who are envious, judgemental,and ridiculously unbelievable, You think all these people woke up from sleep and wealth fell on their laps from pluto, like dead leaves from a mango tree? you will be amazed how much sacrifice they have made, hard work, the patience and resilience, are they the only pastors and business men? some people commenting here ,own twenty shoes, (especially ladies) some they will never wear, some three, and even four phones, gold chains that can feed a good number of poor people

    or even save a life, cars, houses,whatever it is….some of you even have relatives who are in dire need of help, but you shut your eyes to them, and condemn people who have chosen to work and make sacrifices, you do so because of wanton greed. We shouldn’t start debating referring to scriptures, because if you read your bible they are a whole number of wealthy people who loved God and could acquire these things, if they were in our time, Solomon, Job, just to mention a few, and think it’s high time you know that someone is poor doesn’t make him righteous, or less greedy. And remember that no matter how much money you have, you cannot feed all the poor or help all the needy, whatever humanitarian work it may be, but you can teach, educate, empower their minds, ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge’ not lack of ‘money’ and these pastors and business men are not the only one in their fields, they must have mastered their craft, call it anointing, grace, whatever it is, and before you ask if anyone s living like Jesus, make sure you too are living like him, because our lord Jesus did not die for the ‘private jet owners’ alone, he died for everyone…shikenah!

  35. Well,it will be better if you work out your salvation first and be sure of it instead of passing ur judgement and accusation on people/individual. Remember,most churches own this jet and not individual as some are G.O by appointment under the ministration of Holy spirit. And,it is mainly for evangelism across the globe which you too can be part of if allow God to work on you.
    Moreso,with little you have;how many poor people can you boldly professed that you have helped ? Hypocrite generation ! Weither you contribute or not the work of God will continue in Jesus name,Amen

  36. Bretheren,there is only one way to divine prosperity and that is through GIVING ! Ask any rich man in the world,Bill Gates etc the secret of their sucess and they will tell u,GIVING. So,you are a potential billionaires if only you will stop passing fake judgement/accusation and start GIVING. But weither you give or not is your own problem and not God’s problem for you can not stop the work of God

  37. Pastor Adeboye makes his money from d divine idea God gave him through Open heavens. U wanna know how many millions of copies printed yearly and how much blessings d book carries? He doesn’t need to touch a kobo from RCCG. He’s already super-blessed. So pray for divine ideas too. And remember, God is d rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

  38. I hve nothing absolutely wit an individual usin his money to please himself nd pleasure of it.afterall almost all are business mugul usin it to facilitate their business,except d only pastor who uses close to 20,billion 2 acquire 4 jets,wht is he usin it 4?whereas some member can’t further their education nd some member can’t train their children.its unfair nd it send bad signal to d world christian organisation.his fellow pastors should advice him to sale 3 or all of d jet nd face his calling.share d money to motherless babies home,help nd creat job opportunities for nigerians.did jesus use jet,bt we claimd we are christ Imem dat hve jet.

  39. To me I see nothing wrong with someone spending his money on luxuries. If you’ve got the money spend it!. And point of correction guyz Oyedepo is worth it keep the church aside, he still worth it. I think you might want to make research on how many books and teachings he has released and above all the worth of Covenant University which is under his Administration. Think twice. Make your money and spend your money!

  40. The bible says in d last days,many wld be deceivd. All d pastors owning ds jets are jst fulfiling bible prophecies.Yet ppl r stil following blindly. To ensure they continue in biz,they continue to misuote d bible to suit themselve. It is clear they are fraudsters

  41. Whoever criticizes these men of God Without first coming out to tell us of the researches conducted to find out how many poor people they have helped and still helping, how many scholarships they have given out, how many humanitarians cause they have done and propagated, are nothing but fools who only just want to vent and talk. The truth is that most of the comments made about them not helping the poor are nothing but fabrications to only support the criticisms. All of the pastors on this list spend most of their fortunes on helping the poor. The blessings they even get and are still getting amongst other things, came from the helps they render the poor. One of them said recently that he can’t estimate how many millions or billions his family spent yearly on giving scholarship and help save the dying ones. Because they don’t talk about it does not mean they are not doing what you all claim they are not doing in helping the poor. How many of the so called critics even does anything for the needy around them? From what you earn monthly, how many of it have you even given out to support your poor neighbors and indigents around you? Yet you criticizes other people who are even doing it in large proportions. Bunch of haters and hypocrites.

  42. Any pastor who collects tithe is a thief,is he a levi? Tithe is about food stuffs not money. It belong to old testament.if its dat important,jesus shud hv capitalise on dat. All these illuminati pastors dat fleece instead of feed d flock. Levis are d only one authorised to collect tithe which is foodstuffs not money. Blinded followers

  43. @ olusegun: u have said it all.
    Its disheartining to see christians express so much criticism of men of God and act hypocritically and ignorantly. I tell you there is nothing wrong with men of God owning jets, whether its one or ten, don’t ever be quick to judge cos most times we neva have enough information about any man to be able to judge them, only God can judge men who steal church funds for personal use. Now, as regarding Bishop Oyedepo, I can personally testify of his willingness to help those in need. Besides that,he is someone who has been consistent in all d 30yrs that I hv known him, when he had nothing he boosted of God being his ufficiency and he neva changed his confession nor hi stand, now the words of his mouth are evident for all to see and d hypocrites are quick to lash out at him. Save your energy he will only get wealthier and help more people. Personally I can tell u wen he had little,back den in kaduna, He helped my family as often as he could and the church also made welfare available up till today for widows, orphans, disabled and the poor. I will always defend that man cos I know him personally and hv seen his good works. I urge all you hypocritic critics to focus on doing your own part in helping those you call poor church members and stop seeking to clear the speck on the eyes of others. Remember that the Bible says that there will always be the poor among us, that’s cos some people will neva follow Biblical principles for financial provision and will remain poor, so pls dnt stifle your life cos u have the poor in your midst…….selah

  44. if i am in any of those Pastors shoe. i would have bought 10 ! and order some for my kids..not just 8b alone but most expensive once in the world.. GOd owns heaven and earth and he has promised us life wealth ans riches if we can serve him..anyone who criticise then has never read his or her bible and know the promise of our living GOd…go and serve GOd and challenge him for his promise for u..pastors are to enjoy most cox they work for the one who have everythjng, !who can give it plenty… help NIgeria EConomic ko…NIgeria biology nii. na them born NIgeria..every man with his or her destiny..Father plx let me enjoy life with comfortabiilty.

    • God has promised His Children riches and wealth here on earth. May God open your eyes to see this. Even if they have 20 privates jets, its their money. If its paining you, Go and try what they are doing to get yours….hahahaha

  45. sir in the time of Jusus..people has never wicked and sturborn like dis..and no much population..why would such a pastor that carry anointing be board on commercial airline? when herbalists r going on first class? people can rush him to faint inside the plane oo..the comfortability must be there and prove that God can give wealth as much as you have tha faith.. God servant should be the most comfort able creature…Money is frm God…i wish Pastor OYedepo can buy 3 more..most fatest and biggest Jet.. if they give 1billion to each Nigerians..some will still poor and serve others after 1 year…think like sensitive person

    if u r poor.. go and find means sir….poverty is part of life and living so its your choice if you cant follow Jesus and enjoy dis goody

  46. Al Waheed; DUbai prince own an encrusted diamond mercedese worth 48million dollars and its cost 1k usd just to touch it….i wonder why people criticise the Riches and still hate the poor? basically NIgerians, i am very sure most of this critics r mainlt from Lagos, primary school in lag, sec there and university there…they never travel to other places to see opposite sidr of life and living..dull heated brain..
    go and work hard and pray to have money…its only when u never get there u will be thinking its nt gud..try and have gud taste of wealth” then u will not even have mouth to criticise the politicians who even risk their lives and fortune to get there.. u will have to join them….its only God who gives riches and he can give poverty too..its your choice. you av to decide for ur self…most of u can not even live by the rules of life and abide by the pronciplea of wealth? give it shall be given unto u.

  47. i don`t know if fela-anikulapo-kuti(the late musician) will make it to heaven or better still have mercy from GOD, because fela do preach but we nigerian listen but we don`t do, fela had preached about all these pastors, even though he was not totally, but he was still partialy correct.

  48. Some of u just stay and start critisizing pastors dats y nigeria cannot move 4ward..u better watch ur mouth n how u talk about pastors especially God favourites lie bishop oyedepo and pastor u knw ow dis people suffered for d ministry..pastor adeboye even emptied his account 4 d gospel..if God didn’t bless dem dats wen it wouldn’t ave been fair..if u read one of bishop oyedepo book.God told him dat even if he doesn’t want to bcome rich anymore he can’t do anytin about it.these men ave done so much 4 d gospel..n lemme tell u poverty can never b eradicated in dis country no matter ow much dey give cos most people wen dey get dis money dey spend it at clubs and some just sit down at home doing nothing..pls b careful of how u talk about pastors cos God will always protect his own children.u sef work 4 God wit all ur heart and c if God won’t bless u u knw how many souls dis men has if a poor pastor come n preach to u n tells u dat God will bless u will u blieve him wen its nt even showing in d pastor.just bcos dey ave d most expensive jet ur talking.just shut up abeg cos God will always bless his children.