VIDEO: Frank Edoho & Zaaki Adzay’s Ex-wives open up about Domestic Violence Experiences

A documentary made on September 21st by the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, the ex-wive of Frank Edoho, Obiang and the former wife of Zaaki Adzay, Hadiza opened up on their domestic violence ordeals.
Frank Edoho’s Ex-Wife Recounts Her Ordeal
“Just to dare to argue with your husband is like a challenge in your home,” Obiang who was once married to the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ host, Frank Edoho said. “The woman is challenging the man and tempers flay and then you snap, then there is a slap. He says ‘I am sorry it is a mistake’ then says ‘sorry I won’t do it again,’ then he does it again, again and again.” Please click to continue.

Zaaki Adzay’s Ex-Wife Recounts Her Domestic Violence Ordeal

“He slapped me on the face so (and said) ‘get up you must abort this pregnancy today. Now that I am married to you, you want to hook me with pregnancy because I am a celebrity.’ Then there was a wardrobe in our room so I put my tummy in there and backed him then he continued beating me. He had some medicine in his hand and said I should swallow it and abort the pregnancy. When he gave me I said he should allow me take water, thank God the door was opened so I ran away.”
Below is a video they narrated their stories and other women too.


  1. I was shocked when i saw the video in respect of Frank Edoho and Zaaki Adzay’s wife. I commend Mrs Saraki for her good work and Allah will bless her. With immediate effect, Frank should stop the who want to be a millionaire show and MTN should replaced him with another person. All Nigerian should avoid Zaaki record and the performing musician association of Nigeria should expel him from their society. Finally, Both Lagos State and Federal Government should start the process of prosecuting Zaaki Adzay for attempted murder. Shame of these celebrities or criminals. Please MTN and Performing Musician and the Nigerian Public, avoid these two criminals music and shows. Good job Mr. Saraki.

  2. I don’t think its rite drawing conclusions just like dat. On the other side , I’m not saying they ar lieingn its good we here from both sides before drawing conclusions. Experince overtimes has shown that there is always more to it than meets the ordinary eye. Nonetheless, I pray for a reunion, it doesn’t matter what, when and hw the seperation. Infact, for Kathe and Frank, they shld think of their starting point, the relationship is a long aged one, infact, rite from Secondary school, which is supposed to be worthy of emulation. I want them to know that thy,v not dissapointed or failed anyone, cos we all ar human as such not perfect. I use this as an opportunity to call on everyone in this circumstance to hav a rethink, it doesn’t matter hw long, what causd it, but come back and continue as if nothing of such ever happened. Good morning!

  3. i wonder how some of u reason. so bcos i’m married,i should not dare to disagree with my husband? no matter how a woman behaves or what she does,no man has the right to beat her simply bcos she’s his wife. men do annoying things too but in that case,a woman should endure abi? as for me, i will draw my own conclusion whether u listen or not. i’m surprised that a well educated & exposed man like frank doesn’t know better. i never knew zaaki who is a butterfly thinks himself a bird. for these women to leave their marriages,one should think of what they went through. we all know that in this part of the world,women do all they can to keep their marriages except it gets out of hand. if these allegations are false then let them come out and deny. stupid men!!!

  4. Issues related to marriage are always a knotty issue to deal with because if not properly handled can spread to other family member as well. Though I hold no brief for the men in question, the producers/sponsors of the program should as much as possible hear from their respective husband as well.

  5. Nwatajolly or watever your hopeless name is I don’t know wether you are a man or woman but you are definitely crazy and an illiterate from your grammer which bears similarity to my 3 year old neice. Its people like you that engage in domestic violence and I pray if you have a sister that her husband will continue to beat her till he maims her so you know that bcos this is a free social site you can just come here and spit shit from your sour mouth! No man no matter what should lay a finger on his wife!! If she is doing somtin wrong advise her properly and if you feel tired of the union then walk away!! She is not supposed to be your punching bag or slave!! If you feel the need to fight or beat someone go to the park and slap an agbero so they will kill you there! I wonder why most men are so feminine and weak bcos only a weak, gay, feminine man will want to always imtimidate a woman but if you see them where other men are seated they will behave themselves fools! Zaki I’m not suprised but frank I’m disappointed!!!

  6. Wat so eva d case might be, it is very wrng for a man 2 raise hs hands against his wife. The Husband n wife re mates in a matrimonial home, nd as such mst learn 2 live 2geda in harmony. This can easily b dictated by d man who is d boss. D boss in any institution is d executing head who is bestowed d rsponsibility of caring for his subordinate nd xpcted neva 2 abuse hs powers. We’v heard ur own part, let us hear frm Frank nd Xaaki so as 2 draw logical conclusion. May Allah mke us better men who our women wld neva luv 2 loose.

  7. Pls does folic acid abort babies ? Every pregnant woman takes folic acid . Or is she talking of tetracycline cos she mentioned red capsule . Hmmmm. I so much admired Kathy and frank – not happy with this separation and frank couldn’t even wait – now he is married again . Does Kathy have kids for him ?

  8. I think my wife is the most blessed woman in this world when I read about what men do to their wives. I called her to read this and count her blessings with me. I will never ever beat a woman no matter the level of provocation. It’s not manly but cowardice! And can never be’s barbaric, provocative, excommunicatable, inhuman, misappropriation of strength and despicable. Which grammar again should I use to qualify this..Hahahahahaaa!

  9. I’ll nt speak of my own originality, bt like to share wot d originator of marriage himself said. 1st at Eph 5:28-33 he urged hubs to ‘be loving’ (continually) dier wives as dier own bodies, which he feeds & cherishes. And as 4 wives they shld av deep respect 4 dier husb. I tink if d two parties heed 2 dis ever timely admonitn, dier marriage alliance will ‘ever’ b a success. But in d main time let every1 be swift abt hearing & slow abt speaking (jas 1:19) . Gud day!

  10. some men are heartless,they believe females have no say in decision making, a wife is meant to be cared for,cos they re somebodies sister,daughter n even mother to be. Men stop wife battery,if u like to test ur strenght pls try a mopol or an army officer at the nearest barrack,u will never remain the same again.