Yvonne Ekwere Speaks On Her Kind of Man

As a Television presenter on Silver bird Television, and a respected socialite, Yvonne Ekwere has met so many men and after meeting and sometimes interacting with these men, she came up with the idea of her kind of man. Check out what she said below:

“I love an intelligent mind. There’s nothing sexier than having an intelligent conversation with a handsome young man. My kind of man is one who takes control of his woman’s needs. He must be respectful, self-assured, affectionate, caring, encouraging, ambitious and not easily intimidated.”

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  • hmmm 4 dis world wetin we no go see or here .women with their kind of men.well make una d select men time d go o.later una go see una no want marry becouse una no c una kind of men.thank God say we d 4 technology world. Machine go help una make d kind of men una want .

  • Am surprised she didn’t include:GOD fearing, after una go say man dey beat una….Its only a God-fearing man that will not lay hands on a woman…May GOD grant ur desires all the same!!!

  • Your kind of men should be in total control of ur needs. U are making a big mistake my sister. God is the only one u look up to to provide ur needs not man. At this age, u are still creating difficult criterials? I pray for ooo

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