Delta State Governor’s Aide Defiled, Battered By…

This is serious matter! If female government officials with access to the corridors of power can be raped among others, then, who is safe?

Reports coming out of Delta state reveal that a female top government functionary (names withheld) had a close shave with death when she was attacked at her residence in DDPA area of Asaba, the state capital. She was allegedly raped, battered and tortured into a state of coma by a man believed to be her former driver and two other accomplices.

The suspects are now cooling their heels in police custody. Public Relations Officer of the state’s police command, DSP Charles Muka, disclosed that he was yet to be briefed on the incident. A close source to the lady who is a government appointee, said she was still recuperating in an undisclosed hospital. According to sources, on the fateful day, the victim’s driver had reported for duty as usual.

He was soon joined by his predecessor, who had earlier been “sacked by the madam”. “Nobody suspected anything was going on inside the house because of the high fence. But at about 10 p.m., the two drivers drove out of the compound in the madam’s jeep with 50 litres of fuel and never came back.” Around 4 a.m, after she regained concsiousness, she struggled and managed to get to her neighbour’s gate to seek assistance. “When she knocked at the gate, I peeped through a small hole and found she was the one, I opened the gate and discovered she had matchet cuts all over her body.

“It was at that point we raised an alarm and rushed her to hospital,” the source added. According to the source, there were blood stains on the walls in the victim’s apartment, adding that the blood on the floor had congealed. The source added: They broke her head, raped her and mutilated her body. The plot was to kill her, but God’s intervention saved her.”

However, following the incident, security operatives trailed the suspects to Abakiliki where they had gone to dispose of the vehicle and were subsequently arrested. A neighbour in the area said that the attackers might have carried out the dastardly act as their own pound of flesh, describing the victim as too hostile to her domestic staff.

“Nobody stays here with her. She lives alone. Whenever the driver comes to pick her, he is not allowed to go into the house. He always hangs around the gate. Sometimes, he would sit on that stone and doze off. Her house girl too had to run away because of the way madam mal-treated her. There was a day she poured hot water on the girl because of early morning tea,” said a neighbour who pleaded anonymity.


  1. 9ja when will we start treating everybody as the same, if you are given an opportunity in a certain position does not mean you should treat pple under you as slaves. Maddam aide, soory but gud 4 u. Its better u take the 2nd chance given to u by God to start doing things Right this time bcos if you have died, trust me u will be assisting satan in hell now

  2. @fixer, u are insane for saying dat. I’m sure u are from ALUU. How are u so sure she’s wicked to her domestic staff? D pub above shows are neighbours said dat. What gives u d believe dey are not enemies or haters who gossip around her daily life n wish to know what’s going on in her awz. Strict or friendly, no-one should be treatedraped or beaten to death. Tank God dey’ve been caught n dey shall not go unpunished. This will serve as a lesson to all men wHo molest der boss(women) thinking after all, I’m a man n she’s a woman.

    • @lolly thanks for your comments. No amount of stories and excuses can justify crime. Those silly assailants should have considered the terms and conditions of service before taking the job and could have as well resigned if they realised they couldn’t cope with her terms.They should be prosecuted deligently. They are lower than animals and are unfit to relate with humans. As for the rumour peddling neighbour, one day you will find that your aide that lives and dines with you will impregnate your daughters and connive with armed robbers to kill you.

  3. As for me, dos idiots shld be (1) castrated (2) left to rot in jail afterwards take a flight to rot in hell!!! As for bad belle neighbors God will surely visit u! So u want to convince us dat u r so sweet to ur own workers? She sacked a worker and he needs to take a pound of flesh and all he thinks of is to kill her? Evill neighbours!! Wait for ur day of visitation!!!!

  4. If your neighbors complain about u, kindly check urself sometin is wrong.
    I hv seen these women treat other ppl as if they are not worth the O2 from their house.
    The initial agreement will gradually change leaving u 2 tink dat tins will change, until u begin to see WICKEDNESS in action.
    God has a way of exposing tins.
    Neva maltreat those u employ, they are not slaves just b’cos u pay dem. They are ur fellow worker for ur interest and progress. They are ur security guards.
    If u don’t like my contribution. Do anyhow, u’ll see anyhow.

  5. I can’t understand why money gets so much into women’s heads that they begin to feel invincible. there’s simply no joy in having all the money when your relationship with others is bad simply because you’re richer. im not justifying this act but seriously,if she is arrogant then she caused it in a way though the guys had no right to do this. people don’t understand that drivers, cooks, cleaners, gardeners etc,are people to be good to both at work and home cos u may be surprised how helpful they can be in times of trouble.

  6. In my own view the woman has not being a good employer to her employees but in stiuation like this i wot say she got what she wants, becos no matter what, those crminals dnt have right to take jugdment up, they must face the law. As for d women she must turn a new life to avoid more humilation and creat good impression,public opinion matters alot in human life, dnt 4get what ever u ar doing people ar taking note. BE GOOD TO UR WORKERS.