Shame: Botswana Deports over 300 Nigerians

In a most shameful development, no fewer than 300 Nigerians living in the Republic of Botswana have been reportedly deported in the past few months, after the authorities refused to renew their permits.

Of course, Botswana is one of the most peaceful countries on the continent and the country also ranks 132 on Transparency International’s (TI) 2011 Corruption Perception Index, making it one of the most corruption-free countries on the continent as well.

Meanwhile, the angry deportees want President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Assembly to quickly look into the relations between Botswana and Nigeria in order to ascertain the true conditions of Nigerians living in that country. The returnees, most of whom had lived and worked in the Southern African country, said since the assumption of the current president, General Khama, whose mother was of British origin, Nigerians in that country had been subjected to dehumanising conditions and racial abuse, even when, they claimed, they had been law-abiding and of good behavior.

They believe that that the target of the Khama government had been how to get rid of innocent Nigerians pursuing a just course or doing genuine businesses in the country, claiming that all their efforts to make the Bostwana authorities understand that they were peace-loving and not interested in criminal activities fell on deaf ears as they were only interested in sending them out without any reason.



Source: Vanguard


  1. love m country Botswana, peaceful indeed. Nigerians are not the first people to be deported from Botswana, Zimbabwea’s are deported almost everyday, its nt a new thing and i dont think its because of hatred or anything, there must be a reason behind that

    • I agree with you Sego. people of all nationalities (Chinese, Pakistanis, Zimbabweans etc) whose permits have expired or have not been renewed get sent home. The authors comments are nothing but sensationalism, why should they be treated different because they are NIgerians, Such insinuations of de-humanisation by the Bots, government are irresponsible and unfortunate, they are born more out of bitterness than fact, I am a Motswana and I know whats happening here, and whats on the report is bruhaha.

    • Botswana is far much better than Nigeria,thats why nigerians flock to Botswana to steal and bring Bad luck. mxm.who do u think ur.Nigerians are the worst nation in the whole world,no reputation. out of our Botswana now. this is not south africa yr hollywood. get out every crock from our country. YES WE WILL CONTINUE DEPORTING CRIMINALS AG.

  2. Any foreigner must realise that they are guests in someone elses country. They must go back to their own country and call the shots there.
    I only wish that South Africa will get rid of some of them (the illegal ones and drug pushers)

  3. Infact Nigerians are dying of hiv/aids en they lie ,saying its black magic. Their government does not provide them with drugs. They are struggling,everywhere like soil.mxa.scammers,frauders,liars,satanists,rapists,out of our beloved country of diamonds.nonsense.They live in dirty houses ,then lie saying they are is everywhere in the world. like it or not Botswana is number one in Africa. Nigerians the worse and cursed nations.mxm.


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