Why Boko Haram Persists – Ofonagoro

Former Minister of Information, Dr. Walter Ofonagoro, has said that the successive growth of the Islamic sect,  Boko Haram, was a result of the fundamental issues that had not been addressed since the 60’s.

Speaking at the Peace Poster Contest of Lions Clubs Multiple District 404, with theme: ‘Imagine Peace’ in Lagos, he  said the failure to issue a peace treaty after the end of the Nigerian civil war was also a factor that had disturbed peace in the country.

The annual Peace Poster Contest of the Club, which is open to children all over the world from 11 to 13 years old, will require them to draw or paint, depicting the theme which will be taken to the United States.

According to Ofonagoro, “Boko Haram sect gained more prominence and strength over the years because a peace treaty has not been formally addressed, starting from the Igbo massacre of the 1960s, the Maitatsine killings during President Shagari’s administration  and other successive governments.

“Boko Haram sect has grown and has continued to terrorize us because the issues of peace have not been discussed thoroughly.

The massacre of Igbo in the 1960s has not been addressed, a peace treaty was never signed after the civil war, so killings continued till now.

“Fifty two years after independence, we are still talking about these issues of peace. Just because the issue of peace has not been addressed, reconstruction can never bring back what is lost.”