I Will Be Worried If Men Don’t Hit On Me – PH Based Singer/Banker

Lady Fify
Lady Fify

I never knew it was possible to combine banking with anything as demanding as music, but Ifeoma Joy Omeh, also known as Lady Fify has proven its possibility as she makes the garden city come alive with her music.

The sexy Afro-pop singer has recorded six songs so far which she says has been welcomed by fans. “I have been working and so far recorded six songs with Kori Kori as the latest. The song has been well accepted, both on the radio and on the internet. Those who have listened to the other songs that I am yet to release said they are potential hits.

“In fact, my producer, E-Tracks, who produced Kori Kori, has a particular track, Dr. Do Good, that he always plays in his studio. He told me Dr. Do Good is a masterpiece that will blow minds when eventually released,” she told Funsho Arogundade.

The banker says her album should be ready by March 2013, but confesses how hard it has been combining two demanding professions.

“To be honest, combining the two is the hardest and the most challenging task I have ever done. But I have come to realise that when you love what you are doing, you wouldn’t see challenges and obstacles. I have been coping well since the two are part of what I do almost on a daily basis.”

She accepts the fact that she may not find it easy to continue with banking and singing as time goes on, but she intends to enjoy every bit of it now and worry about which career path to follow when the time comes. “That is a very difficult choice to make now. But when we get to the river, we will cross it,” she says.

Lady Fifi intends to capture Port Harcourt first, then Lagos. She believes she can as some Port Harcourt artistes have been able to do.

She’s involved in two industries where ladies have to meet a lot of men and advances move with air, but Fifi handles the advances well, and in fact appreciates them.

“You know men admire women for different reasons. I apply diplomacy in the way I deal with them. I try to know what the person wants and by that, I would know how to relate with you. You can’t afford to be a snob or build too much air around your person as a musician and banker.

“But you need a lot of wisdom to handle those advances. In every way, I try to be nice to everybody. But to be honest, it is good to have admirers because I will be worried if I don’t get hit on by men,” Lady Fifi says.