Nollywood Absent As Enebeli Elebuwa’s Body Arrives Lagos


It’s disheartening how people write tributes and make promises shortly after a man’s death but are nowhere to be found just days after the death.

Many Nollywood acts, especially colleagues of the late veteran actor, Enebeli Elebuwa who had stuffed social networking sites with tributes and elegies since he passed away were conspicuously missing as the children and few members of Elebuwa’s family received the deceased actor’s body at about 3pm at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, while his remains were moved away in a make-shift Mercedes Benz Ambulance.

The family is expected to release burial arrangements soon


  1. Death is a debt we all owe and must inevitably pay. Enebeli has paid his. We all must pay ours some day. I never knew the film industry in Nigeria is so wretched that it couldn’t cater for one of its own in a time of dire need. Frankly there’s a dearth of generous hearts in nollywood. So all their glamour is a facade.They’re still in the woods.