2015 Posters: Resign If You’ve Run Out Of Ideas – PDP Youth Group To Jonathan

untitled-11A group which purports to be the Youth wing of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to resign if he has run out of ideas instead of denying sponsorship of posters for his second term, which surfaced in major parts of Abuja on New Year’s day.

The group lamented that since the President assumed office, he had not shown any competence in solving the myriad of problems bedevilling the nation.

The statement was signed by its Publicity Director, Comrade Bala Usman, and its National Director, Mr. Fidelis Uzoka.

The statement was entitled, ‘What will Jonathan gain by digging the grave of our great party, the PDP?’ and ‘Resign if you have run out of luck and ideas’.

The group said it was high time to save the PDP from the President.

It said, “The event of the last few days has ignited outrage and public condemnation because of the deliberate and well-calculated commencement of a presidential campaign by President Jonathan even in the face of his so-called ban on political activities.

“This is an unwarranted test of the will and patience of Nigerians, who tried to exhibit high level of tolerance of an administration which seems in the last two years to have lost the focus of true leadership and proper understanding of the ideals of our party’s founding fathers.”

Admitting that the right of every member of the party to seek re-election, the group said the display of the President’s posters was capable of destroying the party’s unity.

The group added that almost two years in office, “Mr. President has not shown the will and competence to solve the many problems of our country for which Nigerians entrusted him with their mandate.”

The group while scoring Jonathan’s performance low, said it was evident that the PDP might suffer its first presidential defeat.

Speaking further, the group said the denial by the Presidency that it knew nothing about the posters was informed by the condemnation that greeted their sudden appearance.

The group appealed to the President to honour his alleged agreement with party leaders and governors in 2011 not to seek re-election.

However, the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, has denied the existence of any such group within the party.

He said, “Let me make it clear that my response is a mockery of a childish attempt by a faceless, inexperienced and impotent persons using a non-existing name or body.”


  1. @baptiser don’t forget the parable of the hidden talent, even God expects us to take our destiny in our own hands and make efforts to change our situation, if you think God will come down and sort out your issues for you then you have another thing comming. I hereby call on all well meaning and pro-active Nigerians to rise up and say “enough is enough”, this is by far the worst president and government Nigeria has had since independence! We have never suffered so much under any leader like now. Looting of our collective resources has never been this brazen! People cannot even eat one square meal again except your father is a government official! I cry for Nigeria at times because I see hungry people everywhere, women, men, children are not smiling! Nigerians!! When shall you arise and demand to be treated with dignity,respect,honor etc!! We should come out en-masse next time and vote for the best candidate, meanwhile Mr. Jonathan” Badluck” Ebele be warned!! Respect yourself and realise you have nothing to offer, resign before 2015 or I assure you your fate shall be dire! The voice of the people Is the voice of God! You have been warned!

  2. All (what) I can read from the poster is “Let’s do More”…. More Killings, more bomb blasts, more robbery, more darkness/blackout, more fuel/oil shortage, more kidnapping, more looting, more extravagance, more crises, more poverty, more political instability, more anguish, more and more menace???? This man will kill us in or before 2015.

  3. the negativity of comments from those who loudly profess their faith and are so judgmental and hateful is noteworthy. “by your fruits we shall know you ” Why do you have to be so negative and hateful ? appears to be part of your faith ! No wonder many here in America are leaving Christianity