I left Christianity For Hinduism Because I Found Peace Therein – Nollywood Actress


Nollywood actress, Biola Ige’s four-year journey in the Nigerian movie industry has been eventful. She’s been able to walk tall through her travails and today she’s one of the most sought after actresses in Nollywood.

Biola recently suffered a growth of her thyroid gland. Her tongue, neck, complexion was affected, and it seemed as if her career was going to end on that sad note, but Biola made to India where the growth was successfully removed. And yes, Biola is living to fight another day.

Having a supportive dad helped Biola realise her dreams. She told Vanguard she had always wanted to be an actress. But of course she wanted to star at the biggest stage; Hollywood. She was sure it was going to happen as her dad already promised her she was travelling to America after Secondary School, but it wasn’t meant to be. Biola’s dad didn’t have the means to send her lovely daughter abroad.

When it was obvious travelling abroad was a daydream, Biola made do with what was available. “I moved to Lagos after my University education. I went for auditions in Lagos and landed my first role in “Blindfold” produced by OJ Productions,” Biola said.

Biola says she’s been around for a while, but her ailment meant she hasn’t featured in many movies. “Yes, I have been in the industry for about four years. I am proud of my achievement. I would have starred in more than fifty movies now, if not because of my sickness that took me to India. I am back in the country though lam not looking the same again. I am grateful to God for giving me my life back.”

Biola Ige said she was in India not only to have an operation on his thyroid, but also to worship. Yes, Biola says she worships as a Hindu.
“It was an avenue for me to worship my God and yes, l worship as an Hindu. I know what you may want to say. I do not see anything wrong with following any religion of your choice. It is a free world. And I choose Hinduism.”

Biola says she chose Hinduism because she found peace in the religion. She left Christianity for Hinduism. “I was a Hinduist before I travelled to India. I was a Christian before I changed my faith and I must tell you I have found peace in Hinduism. And in India, I felt at home. I didn’t feel like returning to Nigeria again because everyone was so nice to me.”

The lady who loves controversy, Tonto Dike was involved in one with Biola Ige at a time with rumour Tonto was responsible for Biola’s ailment making rounds. Biola says she’s not friends with Tonto and believed she couldn’t possibly harm her.

“When I was sick, there were a lot of stories flying here and there that Tonto Dike was responsible for my sickness. But l didn’t believe it because we were not even friends before I fell sick. And why would Tonto Dike want to harm me when she has made a name for herself?”

Biola says she doesn’t have time for any relationship at the moment, and suitors may have to wait three years as she says that’s the closest she is to getting married. But when Biola falls in love, she says it will be completely, and so she doesn’t see herself settling with a married man.

“When I am in a relationship, it takes my whole being and life. So if I am in love, l fall hopelessly in love, hence I cannot see myself loving another woman’s husband. I cannot share my man at all with any woman as I do not share my love.”

The Osun-born actress who says her eyes are the sexiest part of her body doesn’t have issues with taking up roles involving love-making in movies.

“I won’t describe it as having s*x because it is drama- a make- believe world; hence everything done is not real. I would describe it as pretending to have s*x. And yes I have done that in many movies, but they were never real.”


  1. A lost soul in need of help to escape Hell before it is too late. Not surprising anyway…many in the quest for fame have sold their souls to the devil. And Biola, for your information, it is neither a free world like you have been deceived to think nor do you own your life; God created you and one day you shall stand in judgement to give account of how you have lived your life. You do not own your life, God does! And remember, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved (Except Jesus)” (Acts 4:12). And “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). The way to God is not Hinduism, but salvation through Jesus. May God open your eyes and may you find mercies before God.
    ([email protected])

  2. I want us to understand that we are where we are by circumstances of birth. I am a Christian but trying to be so conservative about christianity is like trying to convince me that God is a partial God by granting others birth outside the christian background. Every religion is unique in its way with ethnocentric ego. It’s true of the Bible that Jesus the Christ is the way and that no one cometh to the Father except through Him(JESUS). Have you read the views of other religion about their mediator? Certainly not. It could be quite convincing as well that their mediator is the way too. Therefore I’ll advocate that everyone should respect the others religion because you can’t convincingly prove the trueness of any religion. Irrespective of your religion, you need to show love, and worship God in spirit and in truth.

  3. U might find peace now but it won’t last cos God is d only one dat can give lasting peace n u kno dat.choose ye this day whom ye shall serve but as 4 me n my house we wil serve d lord so as u deny God 2day u wil. Only hv ursef 2 blame on d last day

    I am not a christian but i have so many br*s and sist*s that are christian, but i can criticized them anymore because, my Religion (Islam) and their own are look a like.
    i know what took u there
    1. PRETENDING ABOUT THE TRUTH: i havent been to INDIA but i read also most of their stories,Hindus blive that ******wen their God is at war when he is fighting he is giving a water to the enemies but if u check all is lie they want to convince a person
    2. NAIJA hINDU: Every person that have traveled out of the country have known that, anyway Nigeria are been respected but not because they are kind, or s*thing, but because of their wealth

  5. Well, her choice but ordinarily, I see no difference between christianity and hinduism except the change of religious books. I mean christianity believes in three-person God (trinity) and hinduism believes in three-person God (trimurti) so why are christians hating on someone whose religion was well-founded centuries before theirs? Fyi, krishna’s birthday is celebrated 25 december since abt 1200 BC (or there about), and yea, Krishna was also “savior” of mankind and has many things the christians attribute to Jesus christ. As for me, I am a muslim but I have no disrespect for other religions because I understand that none of you (especially christians who try to force their religion on other people) have the right to judge anyone. You will be surprised that Day when those you condemn are making heaven while those you ♥ are going to hell (read the bible, even Jesus will reject polytheistic christians who call him Lord). The only fault I see about hinduism is that it looks like christianity. Straight up. Although, it’s older than christianity, so christians copied it (directly or indirectly). I’d rather worship one God – Allah than worship all these conjectures. Islam is so cool some people don’t know it.

    PS: I ♥ Jesus because I am a muslim. Jesus as a prophet and messenger of God. Not as Krishna-Jesus, Mithra-Jesus, Horus-Jesus etc. Just Yeshua-the real one in John 5:30 thank you.

  6. Hear who is talkin about forcin christianity on pple when its d other way round well I don’t hv time to wast on you bcos u don’t know anythin abt d true God so dat is by d way.I wonder the length to which some girls or pple can go to 4 fame n worldly pleasure no wonder 1 tim 6 : 6 – 10 talks abt it,especially verse 9 it says “pple who want to get rich fall into temptation n trap into many foolish n harmful desires that plunge men into ruin n destruction for the love of money is the root of all evil.some pple eager for money,have wanderd from the faith n pierced themselves with many griefs.she is lucky that our religion is not like others dat kill you wen u deny their faith 4 fear of exposin their secret, we hv none so we only pray 4 God’s mercies on such soul.we did not worship 3 gods we hv only one God,take an egg 4 example its one but it has d shell,d egg white n d yolk inside to make it one whole but u can’t understand the mistery cos u are not in his fold.4 biola enjoy ur so call found peace while it last cos d day reckonin is comin wen u wil hv only youself to blame.repent now while u can like d prodigal son pls bcos now u hv him as ur savior but soon he wil b ur judge n u won’t want to hv him as ur judge believe me he wil stil accept u back n give u d peace u need.let him who hv ears hear wat d lord is sayin

  7. Well, worship to me is a choice. God do not force anyone to worship Him as this is not what makes Him God. One can chose to worship anything or not to even worship. After all, some do not believe the existence of the Almighty God. If anyone says she worship a particular thing or in a particular way because she has peace, she should not be bordered neither should that disturb anybody. It is true not all believe in life after death, let alone salvation. To them what happen after death does not matter to them. Better still, dead ends it all to them. Salvation can not be force on somebody and you can not obtain it just anywhere you enter in the name of worship. God grant us the grace to seek salvation when and where we can find it.

  8. Say whtever u wnt 2 say,believe in anyfin u wnt 2 bliv.But d truth is dat,Hellfire is prepared 4 evry ungodly man n woman,God is nt a respecter of any person.Be it known unto u dat no other foundation cn any man lay xcept dat which has ben already “Jesus christ”take it or leav it every religion outsid christ shl b cast in2 hellfire.Listen,do u kno dat goin 2 church alone d’nt qualify u a xtian,e.g a fornicator,a lyer,adultrer or adulress,backbitters,luvers of pleasure,sinners@large shl never find peace in xtiandom.D only way 2 find peace wit god is (1)admit ur a siner(2)confess n forsake ur sins,acept Lord Jesus as ur savior,read n obey d word of god then d peace of god shal settle in ur heart.

  9. What a great pity 4fellow humanbeing saying any religion apart 4rm Xtians is Hellfire. My prayer 4u is dat u shld nt die nw as a Xtian, cos if u do, Hellfire straight. Even Jesust Christ will also reject nd contradict u, cos u want 2implicate Him b4 Almighty Allah(d only supreme God) callg Him nd His Mother Mary Gods- Trinity. My dear, we luv u, just read some islamic books nd u will find no justificatns 4some1 borne mirraculously through woman womb nd called Him God. As 4dJesus Christ, we luv Him nd acept Him as a Prophet of Almighty Allah(God) but nt Himself God. May Allah Guide us in a righteous path. Amen.

  10. She is even praud of her foolish decision, you will never xperiance peace in that religion omoge. Where is your worship place in this country? Your father should be disappointed and shameful to see you doing that rubish.

  11. Something is wrong with her, may be she has mental problem; because how can you leave the light for darkness and you still come out to tell us same. Anyway, only mad people like her would like to watch her satanic movies.

  12. “Repent or perish.”
    The journey which you are embarking is a destructive one.
    will you say that you are ignorant of the latest happenings in Nollywood?
    You better repent now you have the opportunity.

  13. She was NEVER a christian.
    She was just a church goer. Read John 3:3 down.
    She was NOT having peace bcos she was NOT having the prince of peace (JESUS).
    By her fruits, we know her.

    SHE can still be saved, it will only take praying 4 her.

  14. Muslim are like ###((_:_-##()##()):*),everyone knows that hinduism is a oldest religion in the world after few decades Islam forced to convert lot of hindu into Muslim,but we r hindu, and another thing is nothing is different between hindutwa and jehaad.