Boko Haram, JAMBS, “Same Finger Of A Leprous Hand” – CAN

boko haramThe Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has described the emergence of the little known terror group, Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladis Sudan, which roughly translates as Vanguards for the Aid of Muslims in Black Africa (JAMBS) as “the same finger of a leprous hand.”

According to the association, the change in name from Boko Haram to another group is to elicit attention and pave way for stalled negotiation.

The Public Relations Officer of the 19 Northern States of CAN and Abuja, Mr. Sunny Oibe on Friday, said that the Federal Government should not enter into dialogue with them because they are “criminals.”

He said, “Whether you call them a new Islamic group or Boko Haram, it is the same finger of a leprous hand; all of them are the same and their agenda is one. The Islamisation of this country and intimidation of Christians so that there won’t be Christianity in the Northern part of the country is part of their agenda. It is just changing from Boko Haram to another group for them to get attention.

“The emergence of the new group is to get attention and our position is that there should be no dialogue with criminals. You cannot use your left hand to point fingers in your father’s eyes and such intimidation is not acceptable.”


  1. Interesting, Mr. Sunny better go and think again. You are talking any how. And again are you to decide for the FGN ? Or are you FGN? Do not even think you are giving suggestion. Lastly, Allah said “they plan and Allah plans and Allah is The Master Planner”

  2. As can leader ur advisng ur follower Presidnt syng neva dialogue wit them,go bak to d bible nd chek wat did d bible said if 2ppl r fightng nd there,beside r u an adviser to him?y u ppl r hidng unda religion nd leading ppl to d wrng path…..plz u hav to respkt ur selp nd b quit if u cn guid him to d right path