Health Expert: Any Food Eaten After 8pm Is Harmful To The Body


For many hard workers that get home so late that they have to take dinners at a wee time of the day, this is a must read to help you put your body on the part of optimum performance and wellness.

A shocker rested on participants of the  4th Allure Vanguard Women on Wellness (WOW) seminar recently when they learnt that foods eaten after 8.00pm, were essentially poisonous to their body systems.

But the Guest speaker at the seminar, erudite Professor of  Anatomy and Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr Oladapo Ashiru,  who dropped the bombshell counselled Nigerians and everyone in general, to endeavour to eat their meals before 8.00 pm, in order to maintain good health and avoid undue strain and stress to their digestive systems.

“Any food eaten after 8.00pm is poison, as the intestine shuts down after 8.00 pm. You should try to eat before 8.00 pm to avoid accumulation of undigested foods that are harmful to the organs,” Ashiru noted.

During the event, held at the Pearl Crown Hotel, Parkview, Ikoyi, Lagos, Ashiru, in his presentation entitled “Defying Age”, observed that the ideal way to go was to eat slowly, chew well and drink water 30 minutes to one hour after meals to allow the food be digested in its real state as water dilutes the nutrients.

“People often violate the rules of the body when they do not follow the law of nature. While it is natural that foods eaten should not go into the digestive system, swallowing our foods straight without chewing deprives the food from being broken down.

“Too much food and undigested food, lead to fermentation and subsequently, decay which eventually leads to other problems, as undigested foods poison the body and it shows in the skin.

Advocating that “we must only supply the body what it can take”, he said the intestine is the root system of the human body that is responsible for  the most common cause of systemic damage.

Listing factors  responsible for promotion of ill health and aging, he mentioned  food intake, environmental factors, such as diesel, gasoline, automobile fumes and radiators, as well as air pollution often caused by refineries, industries, waste.

But as a factor that causes aging, Ashiru singled out bad eating habit and food incompatibility as knotty problems.

He frowned at the adoption of foreign lifestyle and penchant for foreign foods. He discouraged the mode of preparation and manner of serving food at public  parties, describing the trend as unhygienic.

Calling for introduction of food regulators, Ashiru  highlighted the Mayr  method which he said proves that by fasting, known as modern Mayr medicine, diagnosis can be made as most illnesses are traceable to the intestine.

He advocated for a Mayr therapy- a therapy that entails a re-orientation of eating habits and lifestyle.

“To cleanse the system, a manual abdominal treatment can be carried out to cleans the intestine, blood and fluid and consequently reduces pain, he said, while proposing that everyone should do an ASYRA test, do a 3-10 day detox procedure or intestinal cleansing. “These along with removal of environmental poisons will help regenerate and renew life,” he argued.

Editor, Allure Vanguard, Mrs. Remi Diagbare said the essence of the seminar was to  enable participants make healthy lifestyle choices.

“We are often so wrapped up in fashion and style that we forget that lifestyle is an important part of well-being. So we need to promote healthy lifestyle and that is what we are doing,” she said.


  1. All this obsession about long life is a pursuit of the wind. All men must die, healthy or not! Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t try to be healthy but, fact is, there’s people who’ve done everything right according to the “experts” yet ended up with cancer, heart disease, liver/kidney ailments, alzhiemers disease, etc. The only life we should strive for is ETERNAL life promised by JESUS, period.