Church Of England Approves Gay Bishops


Over time there has been debates on the Endorsement of homosexuals to take major roles in churches in England

The latest announcement by the church’s House of Bishops would allow a homosexual clergyman in a civil partnership to become a bishop as long as he promised to remain celibate.

“The House has confirmed that clergy in civil partnerships, and living in accordance with the teaching of the Church on human sexuality, can be considered as candidates for the episcopate,” said the Bishop of Norwich, Graham James.

The case of homosexuals has been dividing England State Church since 2003, when gay priest Jeffrey John was named bishop of Reading, in southeast England.

The move outraged conservatives within England’s state church, and John was forced to resign. He was also a candidate for bishop of Southwark in London in 2010, but traditionalists again blocked his appointment.

All clergywomen, regardless of their sexuality, remain banned from becoming bishops in the Church of England after its governing body, the General Synod, failed to vote through the change in November.

Gay men and women who are in civil partnerships — legal unions giving them similar rights to those of married couples — have been allowed to join the clergy since 2005 so long as they vow to remain celibate.

The church has spent the past 18 months determining whether the conditions should also apply to gay clergymen who wish to become bishops.

The House of Bishops announced the change on December 20 but it was brought to light by the Church Times, an Anglican newspaper, on Friday.

Gay couples have had the right to enter into a civil partnership in Britain since 2005, offering them the same legal rights as married heterosexual couples on a range of issues such as inheritance, pensions and immigration.

The British government proposed last month to allow same-sex marriages in religious institutions that wish to provide them, but the established Churches of England and Wales would be exempt from the plans.

Married heterosexual clergy in the Church of England are not expected to remain celibate. Justin Welby, the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury who takes charge of the church in March, is married with five children.


  1. May God reward them. All these people have their eternal reward in hell. Thank God for the catholic church led by the holy spirit-Priests from the very beginning didnt marry and as Christ said, the gate of hell will never prevail against it. Since the advent of devil’s work on earth in the form of homosexuality and other vices, it has affected the anglican churches and others whose priests marry.

  2. Gradually, Christianity is accepting ‘HOMOSEXUALITY’. From Gay’s Bible to Gay Bishops et al. Sooner or later, Christianity will accept ‘LESBIANISM’ and will allow the same sex marriage. Islam Is the Best Religion on Earth. Accept it Now before it will be late…..

  3. @ Baban mustapha please if u dont have something 2 say keep quite cos u know nothing about christainity, cos u ar not among us but as 4 us christains we were told b4 time that such things will happen we should beware so 2 us is not a suprising thing. God have mercy on us an save us frm the evil world.

  4. By their fruit ye shall know them.
    Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
    Christians must accept this is their church so is their fruit. This is a taboo in the religion of islam. Indeed the fruits are good and can never do such a thing. May the creator of heavens and earth help us all. Ameen