1. Malam Sanusi? do you know that the ordinary man is in need of cash to do business? you here telling me to deposit 20k Max and allow it grow to 200k before i can have access to my own money that you did not give. Watch very soon cash will no longer be in circulation. you are done with your own risk strategies, so give way for an economist because that’s what this country needs now.

  2. Sanusi! Sanusi!! Sanusi!!! What system do you want to adopt, please remember that nigeria is a developing nation, and that there might be unforeseen circumstances. That the low level would have, e.g he might be given a grant that is more than the maximum, would u expect him to keep the money at home for armed robbers to invade him??? Please don’t start adopting the methods of developed countries to that of ours. IT IS NOT GONNA WORK!

  3. God/Allah bless Mallam Sanusi. I like him to be gov CBN for next 10yrs. Why?, Well if you feel you are a high value bank customer to deposit and withdraw as u like, give ALL your personal details to the bank, age, educ level, work/biz experience, sources of income/assets. A N20,000=/mth police constable who is now into armed robbery/kidnapping has to explain his Nmillions. LGA councilliors/state house of assembly members/NASS senators/all politicians should now queue up b4 Sanusi boys at the banks. Up Sanusi. This is the easiest way to fight BOKO HARAM, KIDNAPPING, MONEY LAUNDARING, KICK BACKS. How/where do you hide millions/billions if not in the banks!

  4. Sanusi what are you up to? i can’t imagine how we nigerians are going to survive this, you just come out with different laws of banking. Are you the owner of the money? I can’t blame you because all this law will only affect the less priviledge one not those with tiger clarw. Sanusi we need improvement on our economy not categorizng on how money is being save. Na wa o, man with power.