Dog In Hiding After Stealing N1.1m In India

dog in hiding
dog in hiding

Police in Bihar State of India are searching for a dog which has gone into “hiding” after running away with Rs400,000 (N1,167,596)

Police said the street dog entered the house of a green grocer Nakchhed Miyan, a resident of Line Bazar locality in northern Bihar’s Gopalganj district, yesterday and ran away with the cash kept in a polythene bag.

“I kept Rs400,000 wrapped in a polythene bag on my bed and began eating food. However, no sooner had I gone to the nearby hand pump to wash my hands than I saw a street dog running away with the polythene bag. I gave it a hot chase but it soon disappeared in the locality,” the victim said in his written complaint petition to the local police.

Soon after the complaint was lodged, the local police launched an extensive hunt for the dog but could not find it.

However, the police were able to recover Rs140,000 (N408,658) near the house of the victim. The money was meant for making payment to a local landlord from whom the victim claims to have purchased a land plot.
According to the victim, his son who works in a foreign country had sent him Rs300,000 (N875,697) while another Rs100,000 (N291,899) had come from his business. “But now I cannot pay the money and my land deals stay almost cancelled now,” he rued.

“Yes, the police are searching for the dog but have not been able to nab it,” the local Gopalganj district superintendent of police Nitasha Gudia told newsmen over the phone on Friday. “The police have recovered some money during the course of search operation, and now the search for the dog is still on,” said the police official adding the dog might have fled with the polythene bag mistaking them as some kind of food item…except it’s been trained to steal – dogs learn stuffs easily you know.

More than the local police, the crowds of local villagers are actively searching for the absconding dog. Reports are that all dogs are now under the close scrutiny of the bounty hunters who hope to catch the real one and lay their hands on the crispy cash. [GN]