Enough Is Enough: PDP Demands Respect For Office Of President


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday called on opposition parties to show respect for the office of the President as it remains the only institution that unites the nation.

In a statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, the ruling party decried the manner opposition parties “abuse President Goodluck Jonathan in the name of criticism.”

The statement reads: “The Presidency is the highest institution in the country and it deserves our collective respective. There should be a limit between criticism and abuse.

“That President Jonathan is from a minority geo- political zone should not be the reason why the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and other opposition parties should be heaping insults and abuses on him in the name of criticisms.

“There must be a limit and we implore that we use the spirit of the New Year to say that enough is enough.”


  1. The presidency ‘deserves our collective respective’ ???? There shoud be a limit ‘btw critisism n abuse’????? Haba bros, watch ur grammar. If the presidency deserves respect, let it command , rather than demand it. BS.

  2. Those raining insult on the president are only frustrated bcs he (GEJ) is performing beyond their expectation. Allow them to waist their energy, GEJ still remains the President over them all. God bless GEJ & his cabinet.

  3. Wat wud ve d oppisition party done incase of boko haram ask soilder 2 fight d north. D man knws wat he is doin more nt givn him d respect is wat boko haram want. Nobody is investn n Nigeria bcos boko haram nt d presidient let put our head 2gether nd help him. Let mak a change

  4. Richie, the same way the Bible says “a labourer deserves his wages…” But we see that sometimes a labourers wage is denied, so also can the respect well deserved can be denied if not well earned.