House C’mittee Dismisses Jonathan’s Visit To Police College As ‘Meaningless’

Jonathan-in-police-college-480x300The House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs has criticised President Jonathan’s visit to the Police College Ikeja, describing it as “meaningless.”

This view was given by Chairman of the committee, Mr. Usman Kumo, who described the President’s action as counterproductive because it seemed to suggest that he (Jonathan) was not aware of the dilapidated state of police formations and barracks in the country.

Kumo noted that whatever aim Jonathan wanted to achieve with the visit had been defeated, as “he simply displayed that he has not been in touch with what has been happening to the police.”

He added, “Who does not know that all police colleges in Nigeria are in a dilapidated state and uninhabitable? Why did he go to Lagos? Was it because a television station aired the poor state of affairs there?” he queried.

“All police colleges, barracks and formations in Nigeria are dilapidated and uninhabitable. What about Gwoza? What about Jos? Are these places better? Did he go to Lagos because it is cosmopolitan?

“It is meaningless,” he fumed.



  1. You must b insane… how do u expect Jonathan to know when billions of Naira is been appropriated to the police & ur nothern brothers feed fat on them living the rank & file to suffer dre misrule, sending poor souls to early graves cos they fight criminals wit poor weapons & the power of their weapons do nt match dt of d criminals… wat Jonathan did ws the best & I wish heads will role including your…

  2. That is why we need to put aside our egos and move Nigeria forward. What is wrong in visiting the college rappers? Then let every state takes care of its Police institution and manage it as state police. These idiots will never see anything good in any person, if they are not the one doing it to get a way of eating money. God help us.

  3. GEJ has d right and power to visit anywhere any day in dis nation dats gradually going down d drain cos of corruption. God forbid!
    my own is dat GEJ should bring some people in charge of diverting funds mearnt for dat college to book, and at least step on toes to end corruption in Nigeria. He should be happy dat it was esposed cos it depicts d true state of d nation.
    This nation must move forward, and it is Dawn on us all to shun bribery and corruption. Do ur part and I ll do my part and nigeria ll be better again.
    God bless Nigeria

  4. Infact this nation is noting to write about.wot is there in visitin d police college after all he dat is barking ll shut his mouth up if this same president had gave him money to pretend not to see wot is happenin. Am nt moved by any statemnt uttered by this so call ‘leaders’ bcos they are essay of rubbish

  5. @Kuro or what ever ur name is, why use such words like INSANE on a person who has the right to air his view just like u did ? And what do u mean by our northern brothers feeding fat on what ever allocation u r talking about? Are u telling me that the southerners do not send innocent people to their early graves and that it only happens in the north? Please face reality and stop the sentiments. That way , Nigeria will move forward.

  6. This house of repre man is a fool and is among those sabotaging this regime. They don’t see anything good in this president. If his committee is in charge of police, what have they done all the while. The northern agenda is always there for all to see

  7. Jonathan is being economical to the truth. All his electionary promises are yet to be fulfilled. What positive value has jonathan added to the life of ordinary citizen of Nigeria? Removal of fuel subsidy, nothing to show for it. Those who kindle fire feel the heat more than whom it kindle for. Those that play tribal, ethnic, religious and hatred politics are worst than terrorists. May God bless Nigeria and save us from this mess administration.