The ExtraWoman: Meet The Woman Who Only Sleeps With Married Men

Most women looking for love want a boyfriend who is at least a free agent. But Clare Jenkins chooses only MARRIED men.


Ever since her relationship broke down four years ago, sports manager Clare decided to exclusively date other people’s husbands.

And the 32-year-old single mum reckons it ENHANCES their marriages.

Clare said: “People reading this will brand me a brazen whore who has no care or thought for the wives of the men I so enjoy dating and — when I like them enough — sleeping with.

“But I do not want to be perceived as a marriage wrecker.

“Instead, I feel I make married men so much more satisfied in their lives that I actually enhance their marriage — they go home far more happy and are nicer to their wives.”

Here, in a frank interview, Clare — who meets men through an internet dating site for married people — lifts the lid on life as a mistress and the tricks attached men use to keep their steamy second life under wraps.

She says: “The reason I only sleep with married men is simple — I do not want any man having control over my life.

“If I was dating single guys they might fall in love with me and want to move into my home.

Clare, from Richmond, south-west London, believes it also means she can focus on her family — her two daughters aged 13 and four.

She explains: “By sleeping with married men, I get all the fun of dating interesting guys and none of the responsibility of having a relationship.

“The majority of women have no idea about their husbands’ secret lives.

“Nearly every single one of the married men who contact me say their wife does not understand them — that old cliché — and their lives, especially their sex lives, have become very stale and boring.”

Clare, who draws the line at dating newly-weds, continues: “I go for men who have been married a while, who are effectively looking for my help.

“I can clearly see what the men get out of dating me. They get a slim, attractive woman who hangs on their every word and is genuinely interested in their lives.

“If the relationship progresses to bed, then they have an exciting new, young partner who is happy to do things their wives might never imagine in an amazing fantasy world.

‘The internet has opened up the world of infidelity to men’ … Clare Jenkins meets men on dating site.

In that fantasy world, Clare says she “transforms herself” and declines to tell the men about the fact she has children or where she lives. “In my normal life I am a casual dresser, but when I meet my married men, I put on a beautiful, fitted dress and high heels. My make-up is immaculate, my hair is beautiful.

“I become someone else — a glamorous lady who is treated wonderfully by the men she meets. They are usually extremely polite and well-mannered.

“I allow them to be very masculine. So many women today are trying to boss their husbands and dominate them. I become soft and feminine when I am with my married men and they love it.

“I pick the men I sleep with very carefully, and I always weed out the men who only want sex. I am by no means an easy conquest. Not all my relationships are sexual, but it is exciting when it reaches that level.”

Clare continues: “I usually start by meeting them for coffee, then if I like them it progresses to a meal — and then if the relationship moves on we go to a hotel. It’s all part of the fantasy — I wouldn’t usually go to these places, and the men are happy to pay.”

She says: “Usually I see about four men at one time. I meet them through the website Illicit Encounters.

“The internet has opened up the world of infidelity to men — they can now meet attractive, single women like me at the click of a mouse.

“We communicate via email or text — I bet a lot of women don’t know their husbands have another, secret phone, the one they use to call and text me.

“I suspect many of the men on the website are seeing several women at a time — I insist on condoms, as sexual health is extremely important and I would never compromise myself.

“Of course I know there is a real stigma to what I do. But there are so few guys out there now who aren’t married or in relationships, and I don’t want to take on someone else’s problems.

“I feel really flattered if a guy says to me, ‘I thought I didn’t know how to feel like this any more’ — but I know he won’t leave his wife.

“I don’t think about their wives. Yet I’m not saying to myself, ‘Hee hee, I can get your man and you know nothing about it.’

“After all, it’s not my fault they want to see me.

“Maybe one day I’ll stop. But I think I’ll wait until my kids are grown up, and I have more time for a committed relationship with a single guy. In the meantime, I am having a lot of fun.

“My advice? If I was a wife, I’d want to know why my husband spent so much time on the internet…”


  1. This is immorality. I pity the men who sleep with Clare Jenkins because they
    are unfaithful to their partners. If she or the men she sleeps with do not stop
    this i want them to know that there are consequences for such act.
    It is quite unfortunate.

  2. C’mon Claire! Kp on ‘investn’ negatvly in d lyfs of ur daughters al in d name of hvn fun! I bet dt if u lived long enof, u wud c d returns of ur ‘investmnts’ in d lyfs of doz kidz…itz called…NEMESIS!

    • that for sure IYKE let her continue for her cup is not yet filled, and when it gets filled, before she repent of her insanity, am not sure there will be any remedy safe only if she returns back to her maker which is GOD and for u Claire remember there is an unseeing EYES watching you “Judgement day is at hand” u can run but not forever

  3. Claire, there is absolutely no fun in this, rather imminent disaster. What u need do is to float an NGO through which u can spice up couples’ relationships thru seminars. By this, u’l come up on track once again on d joy of marriage and also shape ur daughters’ morrow.

  4. Clare Jenkins, you are likely a product of rape in your tender age. But your wounds can be healed, instead of making it contagious for your little innocent kids to inherit and yourself a ready tool for destruction in many lives in the name of fun. It’s never a fun. Please let the world find something different to read about you, next time we hear of you.

  5. ****To mysef(OluVic)****
    I must keep to what I wrote ****To men**** down this page.

    ****To Clare Jenkins****
    No one will clap for u cos of all of these dat u are doing.
    Yet, this is another strong evidence dat both men and women cheat in marriages.
    It is clear from her words:
    1.)she realises that it is bad.
    2.)she has d mind to stop(though its evil to keep doing evils dat u are aware of).
    I wont clap for evil doings, yet, i wont crucify her. Ask me why.
    Let me take some of ur time pls. The Saviour said to d woman caught red-handed ‘neither do i condemn thee, but go and sin no more’.
    The truth is dat, many of us who will crush this self-openly-declared-sinner are not angels neither.(I am not applauding evil pls, try to understand me).
    Men and women, alike are expected to learn from her exposition.

    ****TO WOMEN****
    Dont make urself hard for your husband, (though some are ignorant of it, while some are deliberate about it). Be soft, dats wat God made u to be. Forget the extremists who go about with the extreme, in the name of “women empowerment” that are not well explained to balance the message. It is one of the main tools dat have over-opened women’s eyes to wrongly viewed “rights and legals”, it actually confuses the women the more. Cos they only see themselves as an opponent in the game or fight of marriage, rather than another ‘faithful and co-padler in the sweet canoe’ of marriage. No wonder, village marriages seem to work far better than the city ones. Woman, talk, talk to him, ur husband(politely, though). Open ur mouth to ask for specific things that he wants and doesnt want. Dont stop @ asking for profile sake, take steps to note them and abide. But you also need to tell him ur likes and dislikes too, though politely. In my culture(rich african culture), a proverb says “obe ti baale ile kii je, iyawo ile kii see’. Ie, the wife wont dare to cook the soup dat her husband forbids. Its a strong level of:
    love, understanding, commitment and sacrifice in marriage.

    ****To Men****
    1.) Decide to be faithful to her. Even if the likes of Clare Jenkins should flip their nudes right in front of u, u can stand with God’s grace.
    2.)Love ur wife, she is d best woman ever.
    3.)All dat Clare Jenkins has are better shaped in ur sweet wife.
    4.)U hardly spend on ur wife to get all d sex and fun u desire in ppl like Clare Jenkins. But pls take time often to spend on ur dear wife frequently. She deserves all the spendings of time, money, attention etc. Spoil her with spending but dont punch her pls!
    5.) Ask her what she likes and dislikes. Respect her for them pls.
    6.)Tell her ur likes and dislikes too but expect some flaws from her. Forgive her readily.
    Sweet home! It is possible!
    [email protected]

  6. Olu Vic, take a high five that’s revealing I want to say that infidelity in men will still be bone of contention in our world as far as women is concern coz some women dont have common sense when U inflect authority on ur man in the name of changing the man sorry U are sinking the relationship unknowingly coz no man wants to accomodate stress look at what that husbands redeemer is saying to women that when their wives nagg on them she pampers them with soft beheavior if I happen to meet Clare jerkins I’ll marry her for that alone coz the bible says to live on top of a house roof is better than living with a nagging wife, all women that’s were I rest my case!

  7. I pity men who are cowards that they run away from their marital problems instead of facing and fixing them. Well,here’s good news for their like;women do not have time to wait and pine over u anymore. They also go out and have fun with other men! If u won’t be with her,someone will! What’s good for the goose…..