Vice President Sambo Chose Deputy Governor Few Hours After Yakowa Died In Plane Crash

Vice President Namadi Sambo is the man that chose Ambassador Nuhu Audu Bajoga as the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State few hours after it was confirmed that Governor Patrick Yakowa died in the plane crash that occurred in Bayelsa State on 15th December, 2012.
The confirmation gotten from a credible source in Aso Rock, the seat of Nigerian Presidency in Abuja clearly proved that the choice of Ambassador Bajoga is not choice of new Kaduna State Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, but that of the Vice President.
The source who confirmed the story added that even President Goodluck Jonathan was fully briefed of the development and got a real picture of how his Vice President is juggling the turbulent politics of Kaduna State to match his own unpublicized presidential ambition.
Investigations carried out by SaharaReporters also revealed that Sambo is unilaterally running the affairs of the state from Abuja and has been shuttling to Kaduna mobilizing support for his godson governor. He was in Kaduna on Monday where he met with all traditional rulers and elected public officials in which he pleaded for support to the new governor and distributed largesse to all attendees of his Kaduna meetings.
The source said, “The choice of who will be the next deputy governor of Kaduna State was taken here in Abuja, just few hours after it was confirmed that Governor Yakowa was dead. The Vice President took that position and quickly chose Bajoga who was in Kaduna. Bajoga was told as well as all the key players in the Vice President’s camp. We were here in Abuja when the news of the crash occurred, and the President was greatly troubled because of his good relationship with Governor Yakowa of Kaduna State. And only later on, the President got wind of Sambo’s decision.
“The whole was done here; they called the man from here and told him their demands. While all the noise of the battling for deputy governor was going on in Kaduna, the search has already been concluded and that is why the President refused to dabble into the matter, knowing that Sambo has chosen deputy governor few hours after the crash.”
The source further said that, Sambo’s action to remove Bajoga, who was at the time chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state was Sambo’s way to fix his own crony as chairman of the party.
Sambo, according to other sources in Kaduna and Zaria has a crack team of his pundits who are presently working with the governor on how to manage Kaduna’s tense politics of religion and ethnicity.
The source concluded that close associates of President Jonathan are watching Kaduna politics with keen interests and have been meeting with a consistent group of Southern Kaduna youth that has been opposing the choice of Bajoga which they perceived as Sambo’s bidding.

Source: Sahara Reporters


  • If yakowa death is been investigated then the truth is not far from what we are seeing now. President goodluck has to be very careful about the over ambiciourse people that are in is cabinet.

  • Eventhough there is the fact that life continues after death but deciding the deputy governor few hours after the Late governors death displays the insatiable hunger to clinch to power by our leaders they dont value others life but thier pathetic,greedy ambitions.May Allah save us from these leaders

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