6-Year-Old Crashes Mum’s Car While Driving To See Dad


A 6-year-old girl drove her mum’s car and crashed early Sunday morning in Pittsburgh, U.S. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, while her mum was asleep. The girl reports say was eager to see her dad she thought it’d be faster if she went by a car.

Though police did not release the name of the girl, she reportedly rammed the car into two parked cars, forcing one to hit a third, before hitting a utility pole and crashing to a stop. She was intent on seeing her father, who was across-town at the time.

Authorities said she was tall for her age and that her height helped her manoeuvre the car.

“How she knew how to operate a car, your guess is as good as mine,” said police Sgt. Jerry Parker, adding that they’re not sure if they’ll be pressing charges against anyone.

The bright side of the ordeal was that the little girl got her wish as her dad was called in to pick her up at the station.