I Can’t Marry A Poor Man; Poor Men Are Terrible People – Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

We break up to make up, like they say. Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin had all the good things to say about fellow actress Iyabo Ojo when she spoke to Nonye Ben-Nwankwo after their widely publicized feud that looked sure to last for a while. The actresses are now in good terms, and Anjorin says Iyabo Ojo is a wonderful person.

“We have settled and we have settled. People disagree to agree,” Anjorin said, adding that they settled their differences themselves, there was no mediator involved.

“The two of us decided to make up. It didn’t matter who called who first. The bottom line is that we are no longer enemies. Iyabo Ojo is a very wonderful person.

“I will say it again and again. Iyabo Ojo is a very nice babe. What do we gain from fighting? Nothing,” she concluded.

Lizzy Anjorin also dispelled rumours the duo were fighting over a man. She said, “Nobody snatched anybody’s boyfriend. We have a lot of things to do. We don’t have time to fight again. Just know that she is a nice girl.”

For Lizzy, not being married yet is not such a big deal. “I am not bothered at all,” she says. “I am a grown up woman. I have to relax and take my time.”

“I will get married but I want to take my time. People see us as role models. That means we have to be careful of what we do. It is not how far we have gone but how well that matter. I need to take time before I get into marriage in order to choose the right man. People get married in January and by April or June, the marriage breaks up. My story will now make headlines. I don’t want that kind of life. I want to take my time.”

No one wants a poor man as a husband, Lizzy doesn’t either. She thinks “Poor men are terrible people. They can do and undo.” The reason for her belief is not far-fetched. She says, “Because they don’t have money or name to protect, they will be ruthless. They will even be after your life. You will see them going from one newspaper to another saying nasty things about you. A comfortable man will hardly go on air and abuse his wife. I will take my time to get married and when I choose, it will be the right person.”

And so, whoever wants to marry Lizzy Anjorin must be wealthy. “I will not lie. I cannot marry ‘e go better’ man. Please, it will not happen. What a man has in his bank account doesn’t always determine if he is rich or not. But his attitude also matters. The guy has to be trustworthy. He too has to trust me as his wife.”

Lizzy has a daughter. She had her when she was 21. She declined comments however about her relationship with the father of her daughter, an issue she prefers not to talk about.

For her, life as a single parent is beautiful. She sees her sister like a younger sister and a friend.

Lizzy has been making money and she’s making more. A company recently endorsed her as an ambassador for one of its products.

“I am the new face of Dasela tomatoes. The title came with a car. It is not only about being their ambassador, but I also need to project the image of the company,” Lizzy said.

Bisi Komolafe’s death among others rocked Nollywood. Lizzy expressed how sad and shocking her death was, but she’s of the opinion that her colleagues in the movie industry didn’t support Bisi as much as they were expected to when she was alive. The great turnout at her burial to her is hypocritical.

“She (Bisi Komolafe) was a younger colleague. She was a nice girl. It is a pity that she passed on. If her burial had been her wedding, she wouldn’t have had that kind of turn out. You wouldn’t have seen my colleagues that went there. But look at how all of them stormed the burial ceremony and were crying. If that number of people had cared and visited her when she was in the hospital, we probably wouldn’t have lost her.

“People should appreciate others when they are alive. You don’t have to pretend you care after the person has died. It is pretence. Her death was so pathetic. She was just 27. A star just faded. A lot of people have been there for donkey years and nobody recognised them. This lady just came and became a star. She didn’t die in vain. She has a legacy. People will always remember her.”


  1. i think some of these yoruba female artist are just low class. Some of them have a lifestyle that even prostitutes will envy and make some useless statements for public consumption. Its either they are fighting against each other because of a man or changing their religion or dating one tout or the other. Now this one cannot marry a poor man because they will run to the press to run mouth unlike a rich man. Talk of a dull brain. No sence in her statement.

  2. I pity your kinda woman. Are u God? When you don‘t get a man you will start blaming God for your misfortune. Welldone Ms. “i will only marry a wealthy man“. God knows the best,a poor man today has potentials to be a millionaire within a year & a very rich man 2day may become broke in an hour. Think well & grow from your toddler disposition,cos i think you are talking like someone that still has “feeding bottle“ in her mouth. You don‘t even sound like an exposed & educated lady. Afterall, not all hands are equal & no condition is permanent. Wise up gal

  3. … Jst go get married.. Dats d most important thing! D rich nd d poor doz get married nd who isn’t married isn’t jst married, nd dat means there’s somthin wrong abt u coz @ dis age ur still single! SoRry…!!!

  4. y cant u talk 2 tonto dikeh and cossy b4 posting dis ur mumu comment cos i dnt knw y u said all d yoruba female artist are low class if u are nt poor in thinking. Igbo female artist are disgraced 2 dis nation if u wnt 2 knw cos i ve nt open letter 2 any yoruba female artist except igbo so knw wat 2 comment.

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    • Birds of a feather fly 2gether, hw am I sure u 2 is married. Change is k. There are piple who starts lyf @ 40 $ continue like that thereafter. Better advise Aunty Lizy to open her eyes b4 she fall into rich biznes men who will add her money to he’s $ dump her 4 his tue wife. Block head

  6. A Sensitive Man Will Never Go For A Woman Like U Lizzy, U Just Curse Yourself Unknowingly I Don’t Know U But I Swear I Hate U, Do U Have Any Gold Part In You? Or U Was Born By A Gold Family? No Man Will Need A Woman Like U Gold Digger, Ms I Hate Poor People, I Feel Sorry For U And Believe That’s How U Will Die Single.

  7. Abeg guys make una no blame d girl,she be low thinker from a low parent who was raised in low home trying to survive. God will help u o miss marry a wealthy man to get a wealthy man dt will torment u 4 d rest of ur life.sorry 4 harsh words lizzy is unlike me but ur words are irritating girl

  8. Y dis insultive words, is it becos u guys ar poor she must also marry a poor man?Leav her wit her hrt desire n pray 4 ur sis 2 b a star lik her n stop condemn,D fact is dat, Nigeria men nv see gud in pple n dat is y dey dnt mov 4word.Stop judgn pple!