What Bothers Me Most About Women Is The Rate They Sleep Around Nowadays – Rugged Man


If you believe most girls nowadays are not cultured and so the wife material is elusive, then you are not alone; Rugged Man also thinks so.

Michael Ugochukwu Stephens wants to settle down like every other responsible would want to at his age, but his search for THE ONE has been unproductive.

“Well, I’m still single because I’ve not found my soul mate yet. She must be God-fearing, responsible, caring, loving and should be able to understand the life of an entertainer. She should know what comes with it and just understand it and be able to live with it.”

In his search, the things he has discovered has been appalling, and he’s therefore in no hurry to walk down the aisle until he finds the right girl.

“What bothers me most about women is the rate women sleep around nowadays. It is like all the good and cultured women who treat their men like kings came in the generation of old folks like my dad – the men who were in their 20s some 30, 40 years ago,” Rugged Man says.

Rugged Man has not given up yet, he hopes to find his soul mate soon. He speaks of his ideal woman and you know what…Ruggeddy likes them slim.

“My ideal woman is not too tall, on the slim side, lovely shape, good sense of humour, God-fearing, and with a sense of responsibility. What I like most about women is their affectionate and motherly qualities.”

Like most rappers, Rugged Man doesn’t take sh*t from nobody, despite being fun-loving. “I would describe my personality as a fun-loving, focused, down-to-earth, no-nonsense person.”

And here is Rugged Man’s little relationship tips: “Trust, responsibility and being very open with your partner help in a relationship. And if you are fortunate to have a partner that is God-fearing and is your best friend and confidant, then, the relationship will last.”

When Rugged Man does find his soul mate he intends to do, “anything humanly possible”, to make her happy. “I’ll try to do those things she wants me to do as long as they are within my limits. In as much as I’m a hopeless romantic, I can go to any length for her. But I can’t kill myself for any woman because if I do, she will go on and marry another man and life goes on.”