Nollywood Actress, Ebube Nwagbo Says Marriage Scares Her

Ebube Nwagbo
Ebube Nwagbo

Ebube Nwagbo’s parents would never have supported if they knew when she started acting, today, her family is proud of the star she has become in the highly competitive Nigerian movie industry.

“My dad came back home one day and said he saw a poster of a girl that really looked like me and I feigned ignorance. I told him people look alike,” Nwagbo said, adding “I did not have the nerves to tell him it was me. When the movie came out, I had to leave home for a while because I did not know how they would feel. Luckily for me, the movie came out, I acted a good role. They liked the fact that I did something nice. I did not give them any reason to be angry, upset or disappointed in me.

“I do not think I have given my family a reason not to be proud of me as an actress. I think I have made them proud in many ways and they have given me their love and support. I am not perfect, but I never forget where I am coming from or heading to, no matter the madness and craziness that comes with my profession.”

Ebube Nwagbo was 20 when she started acting, and that was the breakthrough she needed for herself and her family. Ten years on, and she waxes stronger. According to her, the industry moulded her into what she is today.

“I started acting when I was very young, I grew up in Nollywood. It was in 2003, I was about 20 years old then. I was still in school, so it was shuffling school and work. I learnt the good and bad things here. It has been a journey for me. It is like growing. I started fending for myself and my family at that age. I grew up like that and Nollywood kind of moulded me into what I am today based on where I am coming from as a person. It became the family I know because those early years I was always on set. All I knew at that time was making movies.

“The journey so far has been smooth, it has been rough, it has been sweet, it has been bitter, but so far, I am thankful to God for where I am today. At least, I am alive; I still have people out there that still love me. In as much as I do not expect everybody to love me, I can still boast of a lot of people that admire me for what I have become today. It has been a smooth and rough journey so far.

For Ebuube Nwagbo, the rough side of her Nollywood journey is dealing with the public as a star. She noted that the public sometimes forget that they are also humans, and so expect probably too much from them.

“Yes, we have to be role models to people which I personally try my best to be. But people should not condemn me when I do not live up to expectation,” she said.

“As human beings, when we are in relationship or marriage, what we do affects it a whole lot. That is the basic true, we can’t pretend about it. I don’t think it is every man or woman that is with a celebrity that likes to be in the limelight. As much as a lot of them try to understand what their spouses do, at the end of the day, this is Nigeria, they might not understand all the time. It is all about getting the person that understands and make him believe that what you are doing is your job. It is hard, it is quite hard but we have to live.
It’s the scary part of being a star for her. Ebube would love to get married for love, and be in the marriage forever, but she’s scared; too many proposals that she’s confused who wants her for real…and that’s why she’s still single.

“Yes I am still single. The reason is that I am someone who has always believed in love. It is a big deal to me so if I have to do it, it has to be right. I am a strong believer of love.

“I get lots of proposals; it is so crazy I do not know who to give a chance to. I think it is a price I have to pay for stardom. Sometimes when anybody comes my way, I do not know who wants to be with me for the right reasons. I believe when that day comes, I will definitely figure out who that person is. It is not easy. What I should be talking about is not relationship but marriage. I want to go into marriage and be in it for ever. No one goes into marriage thinking of divorce, but it happens. We try our best. I think I am kind of scared, but I just have to give it a try whether I like it or not. It just has to happen and happen right; at the right time.”

No one can rule out the possibility of Ebube going back to her first love who couldn’t cope with her job; maybe he’d understand it’s just a job, and nothing that happens there is real. Ebube still thinks of him; he’s the first guy to show her the true meaning of love.

“We met in my first year in school, second semester. We won the best couple on campus. We had this bond and everybody wanted to be like us. I got into the movie industry and it didn’t work out again. I really liked him. So far, I think that is the first relationship I had that I can really call a relationship. That is the first time I actually knew what love is. That is somebody I still think about today and there is no regrets.”


  1. Yes! She is afraid because there will be no chance to do all those nonsence they use to do. Going pure naked on every road. Useless people!


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