Prezzo’s Fans Divided Over Goldie’s Marital Status


Music fans across Africa have continued to condole with Kenyan rapper, Prezzo, over the sudden death of singer Goldie on February 14, 2013 (Valentine’s Day).

Ever since the demise of the late Nigerian diva was announced, fans literally have tried to outdo one another by inundating him with condolence messages on Facebook.

Before the sad event, it was rumoured that Prezzo, who came in search of Goldie after the Big Brother Africa Stargame ended last year, was looking forward to getting married to her.

The general tone of the messages suggest that most of those who sent them already assume that Prezzo and Goldie were involved in an intimate relationship.

One Norah Onsongo wrote on Prezzo’s wall, “Prezzo,  be strong. I know it’s very sad losing someone you’ve treasured most. But, sir, God shall strengthen you at this moment. Take heart maze.”

Another fan named John Chimlomo said, “I feel sorry, Prezzo, for everything that happened on Thursday. But take heart. It’s part of life. We will mourn together till God take us too. May the soul of Goldie rest in peace.”

Stella Njeri actually referred to Goldie as Prezzo’s fiancée. “I am so sorry for your fiancee’s sudden death. Please, take heart!” she wrote.

However, the unexpected appearance of a Briton named Andrew Harvey, who claimed to be legally married to Goldie, has added a new twist to the sad news of the singer’s demise.

Harvey‘s  revelation, backed with tell-tale photographs taken during his wedding to Goldie, has fuelled a controversy that is currently rippling across Africa and dominating discussions on the social media.

Meanwhile, Prezzo’s fans are torn between supporting their ‘bereaved’ music idol, despite Harvey’s claim, and accepting the wedding pictures posted on the Internet as proof that the rapper’s liaison with Goldie was improper.

In his posting on Prezzo’s wall, Penny Pesh Ongeri tried to persuade the rapper not to waste his time grieving over Goldie.

“Come on man, Goldie took you for a ride. She was married to Andrew Harvey, which clearly explains the name ‘Goldie Harvey’.  Just pay your last respect, come back home and let the Harveys be,” Ongeri said.

But Emma Kibunjah expressed a different opinion. He said, “Prezzo always talked about his marriage, but Goldie never did. Who is fooling who? Was Goldie really married? One thing I know for sure is that Goldie’s love for Prezzo was genuine.”

Like Kibunjah, other music fans across the continent who witnessed Prezzo’s brief romance with Goldie on BBA must be wondering if Harvey’s claim was genuine. Was he truly Goldie’s husband or ex? If he was her husband, how come he was totally out of the picture at the onset of her affair with Prezzo?

Despite the controversy, Prezzo has somewhat refrained from commenting on Goldie’s death. Not even Harvey’s warning to steer clear has forced a word from him.

The Kenyan’s continued silence is making most of his fans a bit uncomfortable. As if to drive home this point, Phoebe Nailantei writes on his wall, “Say something Prezzo. We are worried…”

Meanwhile, Prezzo, who is said to be planning a visit to Nigeria, has not responded to a message sent to him via facebook by our correspondent as at press time.

While Goldie’s body still lies in the mortuary, many music fans await the result of an autopsy due to  be perform soon.