‘Remove All Pics Of My 12-12-12 Concert’ – Kanye West


All of a sudden, Kanye West reportedly wants pics from his 12-12-12 concert snatched down from photo agency sites. Why? Well here’s a little back story that may or may not explain.

Lord Jamar, formerly of the 90′s rap group Brand Nubian and acted in the HBO show “Oz”, has an issue with Kanye’s leather skirt/kilt he rocked back in December at the Hurricane Sandy 12-12-12 charity event at MSG.

And he is blasting him for being “gay” because of it. He might not have noticed that Kanye wore it throughout his entire Watch The Throne tour last year as well.

Jamar spoke out about his hatred for rappers in skirts first a few weeks ago, with a tweet of a random man in a skirt and said: “Y’all Cee where the Kanye shit is takin us right? #halfafag.”

And because we care what anyone who spells “see” that way has to say, he followed up with a song yesterday.