Unbelievable: Teacher Arrested After Admitting Carrying Her Student’s Baby


A teacher loved her student so much she decided to carry his baby.

Police say a Colorado school teacher has admitted having a child with a student and is facing charges of sexual assault.

The Spanish teacher Rhonda Eisenberg was booked into jail one afternoon in Weld County after police said she admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old while he was living with her.

According to the local news media, Eisenberg had the guardianship over the child, whose parents lived in Mexico at that time. In an affidavit by police detectives it said they found a document that was written in Spanish that gave her legal guardianship over the student.

One official said it appeared the family left Colorado, but the student wanted to stay to graduate from Northridge High School in Greeley, about 55 miles north of Denver, the local news media reported.

Eisenberg told police the student, now 19, offers assistance as the child’s father.

The local news media also reported that during a court appearance, Eisenberg who is 44 years old, told a judge that she is not a bad person and just wants to go home and see her three children.