Baskethmouth’s Message To Celebrities That Missed 2face/annie’s Wedding


Basketmouth is definitely a certified clown to have popped this message to his fellow celebrities

Lol, Baskethmouth has this to say to the celebs that missed 2face and Annie’s wedding and I kinda agree o

“I am so sorry to say this but to all the artistes and celebrities that didn’t come, you guys really messed up, how much is a ticket that you can’t afford, 138000 for economy, we have been having so much fun…you guys missed a lot….”



  1. Am sure basketmouth didn’t go anywhere . ??? besides this ????? just the first wedding of tuface the second one ????? on the way and that one will be in Nigeria. So chill. Out tuface will not hv only one wedding.!!!lol

  2. i wan jst insult tis certified clown call leakin.mouth…Y is he crying more than the berieved. Is he in their pockets to knw it was cos of d cash they cld nt attend? U tink say na everybdy get missplaced priority? Na must say everybdy go attend… Y dubai ehn! E b lyk u neva go dubai b4 nd enjoy tis kind enjoyment u enjoy so(awof). Pls make sure basketmouth get tis.

  3. U̶̲̥̅̊ guys shld plz 4give 2face Fø̲̣̣я̅ movin †ђξ wedding 2 dubai, U̶̲̥̅̊ all knw his predicament, abi una want make all he baby mamas spoil he wedding? Basket mouth has И̲̮̣̥̅̊o reason Fø̲̣̣я̅ posting such message cox nt everybody can honour an invitation due 2 person reasons more ova who knws if 2face even invited dem

  4. As learned as u ar . Pls must evrbody go 4 0face
    Wedin !!!!!!!!!! . Dere ar ppl out dere sufferin 4
    One sickneses dere or anoda . Ngozi Nwosu
    Almost died cus of mone & many odas out dere ,
    Instead u ar out dere chachin ur nauty funS

  5. U guys shld keep quiet. He’s only kidding that’s why he’s a comedian and for those keep shouting why tuface carry am outside naija what’s ur business and one question which of una buy d cd. What’s there if he choose dubai ahead of naija marriage na once in a life time at least that’s wah we prayed for. So he prefered a better environment naija runs in his blood so they are proudly naija. So for all those celeb way no go maybe them get one or two things to do and for way no get things to do dey really missed, so basket is rite and dm be broke ass sef#lobatan

  6. D trust mux be said! 2face has his rizin for takin it dere but wateva d rizin, i tink its a clear indication dat he takes his fans 4 granted. Otherwise, Y wil he deny his fans d opportunity of witnessing his wedding wen he knws as a celeb, a whole lot of his fans would like to be part of d groove? Don’t 4get in a hurry dat he is rated high here in 9ja. Its a show of ”i don’t care abt d fans”. 9ja made him, gave him d opportunity to get 2 where he is now. So its really very disappointing dat he had to neglect his fans who throng to music shops to grab any ‘tin’ done by 2face. Am proudly 9ja made!

  7. See basketmouth na u I go follow talk? 138000 is not the matter but why did ogbeni 2face no fit do the wedding here in nigeria and later he now come on air seeking apology from fans his he scared of all in children no matter he for no carry am go there and the word missed nothing special thee since the wedding was hold on land not in the moon so abeg basketmouth forget normallly. U won used such channel to bobo us abi

  8. Basket mouth ! Is it bcos u can now afford that amont that you think you can yab other artistes , na by force to go sef? Remember how it was when u started and people av several priorities. Infact , fingers are not equal.