Boko Haram Leader Denies Ceasefire Deal In Beheading Video

Boko HaramThe suspected leader of Islamist group Boko Haram has denied any ceasefire deal with the government in a video obtained Tuesday in which a man accused of being an informant appears to be beheaded on camera.

In  the latest release, Abubakar Shekau makes no mention of kidnappings including last month’s abduction of seven members of a French family in neighbouring Cameroon that was blamed on his group.

It was not clear when or where the video was made but the clip has been distributed to Nigerian journalists in recent days through intermediaries.

Sources familiar with Boko Haram say it was handed out in this manner because Nigerian authorities have been blocking the group’s videos from being uploaded to YouTube.

Although the authenticity of the video could not be ascertained, the man who was speaking in it, closely resembles a person identified in previous clips as Shekau.

There are two separate parts to the video: one of Shekau speaking and another of the apparent beheading. Shekau cannot be seen in the second part.

The video is in part a response to a man claiming to be a Boko Haram commander who has appeared in public several times in recent months calling for dialogue and declaring a ceasefire.

There has been deep suspicion over whether the man calling for the ceasefire has truly represented Boko Haram.

“We have never made a truce with anybody, and no one represented us in any dialogue,” Shekau, wearing a knee-length green caftan and with an AK-47 dangling from his neck, says in the video, which is about 10 minutes long.

After passing across his (Shekau) message in Hausa language, the video cuts to another clip that shows a man with his hands and legs bound. A group of men pin him to the ground, while one appears to slit his throat.

They later appear to behead the victim, who is labelled an informant who provided information to the military. Shekau cannot be seen in the clip of the apparent killing and beheading. (AFP)


  1. Has Nigeria reached this level where a terrorist can openly (with his face uncovered) dictate to the govt what should and shouldn’t be done. before anything can be done about this boko haram,it would take long.It should have been tackled when it was still a fresh issue. But i call on Nigerian youths,lets rise up now.enough of those old men ruling us to shatters and blunders and telling us we are the future of tommorow.The future is today.No PDP,ACP or anything would help nigeria only the youths would.If the youth would rise,i can see an imminent change coming our way. change is coming and THE TIME IS NOW…..