Mourinho Is A Coordinator, Not A Coach – Onigbinde

adegboye-onigbindeEx Super Eagles coach and FIFA/CAF Instructor, Chief Adegboye Onigbinde has described Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho as a coordinator and not a coach.

The Modakeke high chief, who was speaking during a live programme monitored on the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation, was asked to choose who the best coach is among Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho; he said, “Mourinho is a coordinator and not a coach. He will collect the best players in his team and co-ordinate them. Wenger and Ferguson are better coaches because they believe in football development”.

On who is the best player between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Onigbinde says Messi is a better player and explains it this way:

“Any football player who wants to be a superstar should go into tennis or boxing. Messi plays for his team. He doesn’t see himself bigger than his team. Sports fitness has various segments. We have the technical, physical, mental and so on. If a player is good in three and excellent in one of the areas and you have another player who is more than average in all the other segments, who is the better of the two?” he asked rhetorically.


  1. The only one is the best.
    Chief may have a vocabulary problems or he is not up to date.
    Some Mourhino player are coming where? Please ask him. Moreover, was challenged by who to get Verane?
    Chief, recently wenger was regreting his vote Messi, what it means for the chief?
    Up Madrid

  2. You can have readymade players and still be a failure if you are a bad coach,there4 being able to coordinate the best players make one a good coach. Mourinho didn’t have the best players in inter millan, yet he won champ. Leaque.he is d best of them all.

  3. Onigbinde or wot,, ur no body.. I can see ur drunk* go and make enquiry de way Mourinho managed Chelsea and de people he brought in! Even Inter Milan dat were at de verge of relegation, he was able to turn tins around.. He stops Barca intimidation of Madrid..infact let me save my words

  4. This shows the level of understanding of those we believe can lead us.How on earth should Onigbinde say that Mourinho is not a coach rather a cordinator?okay,Onigbinde was once a coach,how many player(s) did he raise?how many trophy(ies) did he win? Shame!

  5. is someone talking?who is onigbinde 2 comment on d special one?whn mou was in porto and won europa league back 2 back,portugese leagues and crowned with UEFA CHAMP. LEAGUE trophy,can ds baba point out a superstar out of d team?likewise at chelsea and inter.’d only one makes d difference.hala mourinho.

  6. Onigbinde is very funny. The duty of a coach is to coordinate the team, the duty of club side football is to get best players that suit their clubs a win trophies. Bcos all these football clubs are profit making organisation. Onigbinde, you are toooo far to comment on mourinho authority. Go sit down sir.

  7. Modadeke tribal mark man u’re a losser and u never have any thing to show for as a successful coach,i will advice you dat you better shut up your stinking mouth and use ur malfunction brain wisely or go to hell onigbinde onikaraunde

  8. D modakeke tribal mark on ur face obviously has made u, u can’t see beyond ur nose, u r calln DSP 1 a cordinator abi ? All through ur coachn days did u win even a peak milk comcom ? How may players did u developed? And dare open ur stinkn mouth to call some1 who has achieved wat u can’t even in 10,000 years a cordinator. U beta go over to ota farms and pick up a job to cordinate d chickens dia 4 BABA