Davido Opens Up On How Lady Sneaked Into His Room And Took Photo With Him While Sleeping

Davido-newOmo Baba Olowo of recent has managed to keep off news headlines for the wrong reasons after been caught up in a series of photo scandals involving some groupies last year.

David ‘Davido’ Adeleke for the first time has opened up on the scandal when he appeared on  the TV programme “Rubbing Mindswith Ebuka Obi Uchendu.

Davido however denied knowing the second girl that was in the photo snuggled up close to him as he slept blaming the development on a security breach.

“I was asleep in bed. The girl just snuck in and (makes gesture of taking photograph) I don’t know her. I used to stay in an apartment back then and movement was kind of free. Maybe I didn’t lock the door and she just snuck in and took the pix. I have  however moved to my new home where there is much tighter security.

I didn’t realise what was going on even after the pix was posted online. I traveled to Ghana immediately afterwards and I noticed on the plane people were just staring at me and I wondered why. Since it was a flight my phone was switched off  and so I had no idea what was happening online. When I got to Ghana, I still got the same stare from people. I was asked by friends to switch on my phone and that was it. 300 calls from Dad, 600 calls from grandma, everyone one asking Davido what’s going on.”

Davido claims the girl in question later called his ‘people’ to apologise but then the damage had already been done even as he hopes such incidences never occur again.

The Gobe crooner also reveals he still has plans to finish his studies, face his music business and continue to be a role model to others.


  1. Davido are you talking to kids? You probably loose guarded after f*cking the roadside prostitute, well blame it on the conjil, no be your fault. That’s why its very bad to have quickies and take one mouth.

  2. Any person can do wrong but it takes maturity to admit it and apologize. I really like Davido’s music but this is the kind off arrogant, reckless and totally unacceptable behavior you get from a child who encounters success without first learning to be responsible. I would have given him the benefit of the doubt but the thing about lying is that you can never really cover al the angles especially when you are under pressure. Oga David, the lie in your long story that gave you away is claiming you switched on your phone and saw 300 calls from popsie and 600 from grandma. We don’t know the kind of phone you use but ours does not record calls while switched off! Irresponsible liar!!!

  3. Its davido.
    See bro Чöü owe bitches of lyf no explanations bro
    Ride on U̶̲̥̅̊я fans ɑ̤̥̈̊®ε always wd Чöü. Kuddos.

  4. Buh people ɑ̤̥̈̊®ε stupid ooooo dear can’t Чöü see the pix well see the posture of d gurl and davido and Чöü know twas jex a conspiracy by haters cos he ᶤ̲ˢ̲ going higher every day.

  5. David stop dat rubbish cos i no mama gov ur grandma died 2011 and how come she called u 600times, Uncle deji didnt teach us to shud lie, u r too small for all dt nonsense, aburo try to change o.

  6. Well we all knw davido is arrogant bt dat was then,I blive wot he said,take a close look @ d pix nd u will knw dat he was far asleep,even if he was aware of it,bt he said he wasn’t so let bliv him,nd remember guy dat he also has enemies dat wana ruin him,I luv davido nd nufin will change it,dnt judge him by d explanation he gave pls,he was jst coinfuse..put ur self in his shoes nd u will knw bera…I bliv u davido..lolz bt na so u dey slip open mouth? Hahahah jst kidding man..despite d ups nd downs u ar still d best of ur kind..more grace to ur elbo bro..I mean no harm guys..jst expressing ma feelns..ur fans 4eva@davido damiduro adekele

  7. Davido is still the best no matter what,i don’t know why you guys judged him like that.One thing you all shuld know is that in this life we all have enemies.Davido is progressing and people are there planning to bring him down with that photo.To my knowledge davido was fast asleep in that picture and that lady took a pic of both of them.That shows that davido isn’t lying,i believe him.Please no body should blame him.


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