JTF Discovers Three ‘Bomb Factories,’ Arrests Nine In Kano

3Three suspected bomb factories in Sharada, Gaida Ajawa on the Eastern Bye-pass and Mariri, have been discovered by security operatives in Kano just as a large consignment of arms and ammunition has also been impounded. Three members of the Islamic Extremist group were arrested.

The spokesman of the Joint Task Force (JTF), Captain Ikedichi Iweha, in a press statement in Kano yesterday, said that the three buildings, which were found in three separate raids, were demolished, adding that they served as bomb factories for the terrorist group.

Among those arrested, he disclosed, was the sect’s bomb making specialist, who was nabbed at the Farm Centre.

The dangerous weapons intercepted during the raid, according to Captain Iweha, included six AK 47 rifles, General Purpose machine guns, SMG magazine, PPK pistol, two smoke guns and 189 rounds of AK 47 ammunition.

Other items were: 43 rounds of 5.56 mm ammunitions, eight rounds of 9mm for PKK pistols,15 hand held IEDs, containers of liquid chemical substance and 11 bags of nitrate fertilizers.

Captain Iweha reiterated the JTF’s resolve to stamp out every form of terrorism from Kano state and warned that anyone found to be harbouring terrorists would be treated as an accomplice and their properties pulled down.

While assuring members of the public of a violent-free Easter celebration, Captain Iweha said: “In the light of the Easter celebration, JTF patrols in town had been increased and new checkpoints introduced.”

He again appealed for the cooperation of Kano residents in the war against terrorism by obliging useful information and other vital clues to the Task Force.


  1. I think we’ve had enough of this deceit, game and play. All we’ve been made to know is that JTF discovers this, JTF discovers that. How many of those BH members caught and arrested had been sentenced to death by the Federal govt.? or is that not the right immediate judgment they deserve? How many of the discovered ammunitions, cylinders and other bombing materials recovered are been burnt? Are the JTF doing these just to get accolades from the Nigerian citizens and afterwards releasing the culprits? The only ones they killed among them are the ones who aimed at shooting them in a gun shoot out. Who is fooling who? Can we depend on JTF? Can we depend on federal govt.? Can we depend on Jonathan?

    Are the JTF not reporting ‘devils’ to ‘satan’? If this is the case then satan sweeps it under the rug and encourage it the more. WHO ARE DEVILS, WHO IS SATAN? I guess you all know.

    When the JTF will arrest gun men with bombs and still call them ‘suspects’ are they suspects or criminals? Who is now fooling who?

    I need to know!