Donald Trump Criticizes “Django Unchained”, Calls It A Racist Movie

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump coughed out his opinion on Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Django Unchained”. 

The business mogul turned to twitter and posted that ‘Django Unchained’ “is the most racist movie ever…” and that “…it sucked!”

Continuing his tirade, Trump said on “Fox and Friends” program that the movie -which he calls ‘racist’- was “…a disgrace.” Although, no one could say for sure where Trump’s rants are welling up from, he denounced the ‘ill’ way in which characters died in the movie



  1. Very nice movie, sad ending tho… When Dr Shultz died. I think the way a German and an American slave got along was really nice. Trump should go and give it a rest.

  2. Thrump is only mad that a black guy was d ultimate hero of d film plus d fact dat all white slave masters where killed. No sorry Donald T, go nurse ur pain.

  3. Racist against whites….Yes, but not against the blacks…..It just shows how sheltered an dumb he is…not to mention PC….He also commented on the amount of blood used when anyone is shot in the film….He doesn’t get that this is a homage to 70’s spaghetti westerns and that is how they were…It’s so over his head..This nitwit has no right to comment…


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