Enyeama’s Bombshell: I Am Criticised Because I Am Not Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo

EnyeamaVincent Enyeama believes the criticism he has received in his international career have been largely fuelled by tribal sentiments not because of his performance in-between the sticks.

The former Enyimba keeper came under the spotlight severally in 2012 after making a series of costly errors in high profile matches for the national team and he believes his critics have been vocal because he is not from one of the three major tribes in Nigeria.

The 30-year old Super Eagles safe hands is from Akwa Ibom state, South-South Nigeria.

“My critics will remain as long I am still with the national team. I am criticised because I am not Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo but I am not worried,” Enyeama said in a recent interview.

The Maccabi Tel Aviv shot-stopper however holds no grudge against those who have slammed him in the past insisting that “Critics make the game sweet so why should I be angry? When they criticise me, they only make me stronger so I give them thanks.

“I also thank God for giving me strength,” he concluded.

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  1. Dat is very correct,d same tin is happening to d president of d federal republic of Nigeria.He is receiving much of criticism bcos he is not frm any of d three major tribes.They brought boko haram to distract him,as if that is not enough.for just a year n some few mnths they want him to turn a country as big as Nigeria to a paradise.is he magician?

    • Ýöû ärè a damn fool;u claim tö bè literate while calling Enyeama illiterate äñð yet u cnt spell ðät word illiterate.bush boy

    • U are making a mistake Enyeama is neither an illiterate nor ignorant. But he should know that anything one does in nigeria welther good or bad expect criticism but he should not link it with ethnicity.God will continue to strenthen u Enyeama dont look at that side and dont be distracted, move on its well

  2. This is so childish of enyama. No one cares where u come from so far as u wear d national jersey. Forget about critics and do the job we asked you to do. Grow up you safe hands

  3. It’s very unfortunate, rather very unfortunate that people can’t be criticize again in this country concerning their performance or under performance as the case may be, imagine Vincent too trying to play the ethnic card here. Vincent, it is high time you leave football and join politics. This is so depressing Vincent, if this is actually coming from you

  4. Vincent is the one who has recently reminded Nigerians that he is not from any of those tribes. All my life I had always thought he is Igbo until now he is saying it. However, even if he is from Cotonou, we love him. We never attributed any Super Eagle’s failure to fly to him but our strikers and defence.

  5. child talk! as far am concern you only want us to where you are from..trabalism has nothing to do with mistake correct yourself….

  6. True talk frank, they always play tribal sentiments, we ar from d south-south weda dey like us or not we exist, the hadly use our players yet this country is standin bcos of our resources, but I tell u guy 1 day we wl get wat blongs to us, as for boko haram n their sponsors u can’t take it away from us we ar rulin dis country

  7. Am disappointed with Enyeama.s asxertion based on tribal lines. Vincent is d most loved Eagles player and no body is above making a mistake in a field of play be him a hausa. Igbo or yoruba

  8. U are so loved by nigerian,so keep on doing ur best,no one criticizes u but if so,what is their contribution to Nigeria development?so ignore them,take correction,and face ur carrier,u ar born 2 excel

  9. Freedom of expression. He could be right or wrong! But it is good he has now expressed how he feels or how he is feeling. Nigeria needs to create or be recreate into a proper country. The nation is just a shadow. Tribes are more important to many Nigerians, than the Nation itself…

  10. I dont want to believe that vincent said that, but if he did, then he was probably drunk. As tribalistic as Nigeria is, I’m happy that it has not found its way into our football. If the team doesn’t play well, Nigerians will xpress their displeasure, be it to Ike Uche, Obafemi Martins or Sani Keita!

  11. Inferiority complex is the bane of Enyeama’s performance in recent years. He attributes his mistakes in the field as a tribal course. Don’t he think he is advantaged for not being one. He should learn from critics. People who criticize you want you to improve. Nigerians love you they want you to improve.

  12. Eyeaman, pls don’t mind them, Nigerian people ar 4 dat so be focused on profesion, u ar great already & u ar stil going to be great

  13. Vicent disappointed me with his comment, when siasia dumped u it this same Ngrians that condem him,then did care where u hail from. so if u fumble in d post dey have every right to talk wether you are Effik,Ibiobio,or kalabari. There4 stop mkng costly mistake. Ngrians love an admire u irrespective of ur tribe.

  14. Whether u are hausa, yuroba or igbo, we dnt care we luv u enyama nd we stil becam a one nigeria. Tribalism is one de greatest diseas in footbal nd it kills de image of footballer. So brother i lik wat u said, cristism is given u more strenght.. So let dose gossipers critsng u be ashemd.

  15. I wonder how to describe the young man who calls Vincent an iLLiterate,for the records,Vincent read and graduated from the department of Chemistry in University of Uyo,were he also doubled as the schools’ number one goalkeeper. thus,I wonder who according to Emma is Literate, that is if he himseif knows what it takes to be Literate. My brothers when a man is good say he is good. Vincent Enyema is good.

  16. Among all the comments listed,Ossy wrote what captured my eye.in Nigeria,it’s only in football that this tribal sentiments has not really affected. People like yakubu,keita,even Mikel is being criticised day in day out once there’s a mistake from them.Messi and C-Ronaldo are criticised.vanderser,casilass.who will i mention to leave the other?or,will you deny you dont experience any form of criticism in your club?

    If you indirectly want to tell us where you hail from,dont try to bring in tribe again.
    Criticism is one thing that keep us moving so far it’s constructive.thank God you said it yourself”it gives me strenght”.do what you know how to do best.we love our players.dont try to introduce tribalism in our football game.
    Please,make una bring the 2014 world cup home o!our God will be with you guys.

  17. Vincent, u know for sure that Nigerians love u.
    I have never for once think about where u come from, whenever u er on duty for Eagles, I see a Nigerian doing What he like best.
    What has tribe got to do with ur achievement in football?
    Ignore any form of criticism and focus on ur carrier.
    We love u as a Nigerian. When u make human mistake in ur club and u were given names, was it cos of ur tribe? Pls let’s play football and not tribal ball.


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