1. Haba fed. Govt. February Allocation allocated on thursday 14 march, so u are the one causing all the delay in payment of salary leaving us to be accusing state 4 the deley of salary. When will the move go smoothly? Democracy or Democrazy? Junior Workers that solemly depend on salary will die of debt and hungry.

  2. lets be frank about dis,so more than dis amount of money is being allocated to various local areas n ppl are still suffering like job in Nigeria.especially in anambra state.Leaders take note cos all iron must go through fire of d blacksmith.ppl are suffering tremendeously in east here,cos in north wether u are working or not ur minimum wage is certained but in east here nobody have dat knowledge.unless when u talk of peter obi sticker,driving licence,particulars etc u will knw dat anambra guys have moral.NDI IGBO MEERENU ONWE UNU EBERE MAKA NDI UGWU NA ACHI UNU OCHI NA UNU AMAGHI EME NWANNE ATALL.NDI OCHICHI ALA IGBO MEERENU NDI UNU NA ACHI EBERE BY IWOPUSI NDI UWE OJII AHU NA UZO KA OBODO ANYI DIKA ALA UGWU KA ONYE OBULA NWEE ONU OKWU.EKELEM UNU.