NSCDC/Police Clash: Desperation Sets In As Police in Lagos Beat ‘Confession’ Out of NSCDC Officer

NSDC-Killed-600x444The Police in Lagos have forced Olanrenju Gbedeogun, an officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), to make a statement that exonerates the police from the attack that led to the death of two officers of the corps as well as led to the escape of some oil pipeline vandals.

It was learnt that in a frantic bid to cover their tracks and back-up their claim to the presidency that it was officers of NSCDC which attacked the police, and that the police knew nothing about the death of the two NSCDC men, the police in Lagos has subjected Gbedeogun to severe torture reportedly supervised by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police where a videotaped confession is said to have been obtained.

A police officer at the Owutu Police Station who felt bad about the latest developments told us on condition of anonymity that if care was not taken urgently Gbedeogun would be dead before daybreak. By that time, the torture victim had already spent over 24hrs in detention, contrary to the law. This is even as the IG of Police Mr Mohammed Abubakar yesterday ordered the unconditional and immediate release of all NSCDC officials in custody.

Gbedeogun was one of the NSCDC officers that escaped from the vandalization scene where the police killed two of his colleagues. He was found where he was hiding for fear of his life, and arrested by the police.

Our source said that in forcing the confession out of him, the police reminded Gbedeogun of the case in Edo State of Olaitan Oyerinde, Governor Adams Oshiomole’s former aide who was allegedly killed by the police last year, suggesting that a similar fate could be his if he failed to cooperate with them.

-Sahara Reporters


  1. Our press, you guys should be ready to provide the officer. Even if, he’s provided by hiding. Because with this report, the issue is going to another level.

  2. Who know the real truth in this case?civil defense said they only arrested pipeline vandals and police said civil defense challenged them to live their area of work and the senior oficer civil defense ordered his boys to arrest the senior oficer of NPF

  3. Any confession obtained under severe torture is not reliable bcos anybody can say anything under too much torture just to be left alone. I believe the NPF are assisting criminals all over Nigeria, as well as pipeline vandals. The police is the scum of Nigeria, they are rotten. I’m so sure those vandals have been bribing the police but on this time the NSCDC arrested them only for the vandals to call their police friends who killed the NSCDC boys.

  4. if care is not taken the situation may lead to a reappraisal attack.everything now is being muddled up.police fighting civil defence over what?instead for the dou to find a way of arresting criminals they are pointing accussing fingers and the police is now doing the worst trying to get information by dehumanizing an NSCDC official who may help unravel the criminals that killed his colleague.this is a theatre of absurd.

  5. Whatever u people say to rundown the Nigerian Police it shall retuin to you in ten fold full measure shaken together press down by God grace

    • animal or criminal like u.u think we dont knw wht d nig police is capable of doing.insteand of u to start thinking of hw to changing the police force for d good of us all,u are here blabbing and talking nonsense. who told u ur little contribution cannot help in changing d bad image of nig police.in nig,if u see a slake and a police man,first of all kill d slake b4 touching d slake.i hope d govt or concerned nig will to d end of this matter.

  6. Ehm………can read police in d house,God is d witness,may d hand of God strike d bad ones,d faulty ones in dis case,amen

  7. This is fed govt job, y must des 2 organisations be enemy to eachother? All bcos of name, money or wot? Whateva we do here, we shall sure stand before God to acct 4 it. Btw NSCDC and d Police, an unbiased mind wld knw which one among them is @ giulty.

  8. This is fed govt job, y must des 2 organisations be enemy to eachother? All bcos of name, money or wot? Whateva we do here, we shall surely stand before God to acct 4 it. Btw NSCDC and d Police, an unbiased mind wld knw which one among them is giulty.

  9. I will advice Ajayi to go for mental fitness check.
    I believe we Nigerians are well aware of the level of rot found among the criminals we call NPF. Yu find them smoking Indian hemp while they also arrest hoodlums in possession of the same.
    I will however blame the government who are aimlessly creating almost uncountable number of law enforcement agencies who’s duties overlaps….

  10. Every one in and outside nigeria knows that police are criminal right from IG to Constable. They are another set of terrorist group in nigeria. God will deliver them into the hand of either army, navy or airforce for severe torture. Federal government should scrape this criminals, we dont need them. I dont know why the NSCDC did not fire back and kill these useless goats. police can never be trusted, they colaborate with robbers to steal, vandalizing and killing of the innocent citizen. May their days full of darkness. Amen .

  11. Obviously d problem of our noble country is neither coruption nor harmedrobery but the men who raid themselves in crowns and their apointees who set themselves as the guards of the society.i dont want 2 judge neither do i want 2 criticise.for as long as man is concerned,we cant point out wat realy is hapenin cos even d so caled legal practitioners nd court judges canot distinguish btwn false nd true..but let us aply a litle rationality…who is d problem of nigeria?d armed robers,politicians or the N.P.F?

  12. Y is it dat only d police dat ar havin problems wit other govt agencie? Is police u wil found wit Army,custom,navy,road safety,immigratn n d liks. It shows hw corupt dey ar. Police s a disgrac 2 Nigeria.


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