Nse Ikpe-Etim’s life After Marriage


One of the many changes that will not occur in the life of Nse Ikpe-Etim after her marriage to Mr. Clifford Sule is the change of name. Nollywood Now can authoritatively confirm that the actress will not be adding ‘Sule’ or ‘Clifford’ to her already compounded name on screen.

Another change that will not happen is that of career. The Akwa Ibom-born actress will continue to act as she has always done. Nse, we reliably gathered, will be shuttling between the United Kingdom where her husband lives and Nigeria where she does most of her acting. Mr. Clifford is childhood love of the actress but broke up with her and moved on for several years; only for the two to reconnect and rekindle the romance few years ago.

The wedding came as a surprise to many as they didn’t expect it. Nse kept the whole thing secret that only family members and a handful of friends knew about it. And many were also surprised that the actress got married at all after she had said publicly and privately that marriage was not on her plan.

Her stance changed after Mr. Clifford proposed. Clifford Sule lectures at Middlesex University in the UK and is very much single. His single status is another source of joy for the actress as many of her colleagues in the industry have settled down with married men, divorcee or men with many children. “Nse is super happy. Her joy radiated on the day of the wedding. She’s happy that she is get married especially when she had given up on marriage at 38,” a close source said.