Only Those With Headache Will Join APC – PDP

bamanga_tukur_National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr. Bamanga Tukur, has shrugged off suggestions that the party would lose its members to the newly formed All Progressives Congress because of the ongoing restructuring going on within the party.

Tukur expressed confidence that all the governors elected on the party’s platform were committed to its ideals, which according to him, were second to none.

Information Nigeria recalls that following the formation of the PDP Governors’ Forum and alleged intimidation of some governors seen as threat to the purported presidential ambition of Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, indications emerged that some of the aggrieved state chief executives might dump the umbrella party in protest.

But Tukur on Thursday, insisted that there was no cause for any of the governors to contemplate leaving the ruling party for the APC.

He said, “Nobody among our governors will contemplate defecting to the APC. They don’t have headache because only those with headache will go to the APC.

“I can assure you that none of our governors will defect from the PDP, which is a national party, for a regional party.

“Is there anyone who would leave a stable party that is very visible all over Nigeria for a party that does not have any structure? There is no PDP governor that will leave a stable and national party such as the PDP to join the APC” he added.


  1. Where Jonathan shows political immaturity is his choice of Bamanga as party chairman. This man has never been elected into any political office. Virtually, he has very little knowledge of politics. This man can never block the unprecedented pressure and frustrations some PDP bigwigs will infiltrate into the party in the next few months.

    • *Headache, which was caused by P.D.P. and it’s Leaders years of misrule, corruption, insecurity, instability, and National distrust!!

  2. Well you the chairman of PDP tell us that know governance from PDP will joining APC by GOD grace we are expecting about six governance from PDP to joining us and you see it very soon then you will no where you will start tell the empire of lies the time is over let them fine there square root is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The issue is far from party here. The problem with the polity is winner takes home all syndrome. Take Lagos for example where ACN rules, they hijacked everything such that the only LGA that obanikoro win they did everything to take it back. This is not healthy. Whether it is APC Or ACN that we have at the centre, we will not do well different from PDP. Perfomers are who they are irrespective of party affiliation. Akpabio of Akwa Ibom is PDP, fashola of Lagos is ACN, Okorocha of IMO is APGA. These are Poeple who see leadership as service. Some PDP,ACN and APGA gigs are failing. Until we change our attitude to leadership, political party cannot solve nigeria’s political problem.

  4. If look at the issue on ground. it was because of the deteriorate of the ruling party PDP. And there leadership. While it has been long the party have Bennett ruling this country no progressive no quantitative while other country are making progress like infrastructure,reconstruction of ur road rebuild of electricity. Etc so we Nigeria need changes from new party new resolution if some governance can joint the on going merger of the party especially northern govs to defeat the PDP in 2015 . Vote New part APC.


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