Photo: Wizkid’s Girlfriends,Past And Present

We know the story of our celebrities and their personal life, this time it’s the pop artiste dayo/surname popularly known as”wizkid” or “weezy” like the ladies would love to call him … 

Talking about the ladies, he has been seen recently with his new favourite girl Tani (UP), they were last seen at Banky W’s album launch walking the carpet side by side in folded hands …since then, they have been hanging out together in cuddles not withstanding the talk of the public …

Whatever happened to weezy’s beautiful ex(left), who featured in the his 1st and breakthrough video”holler at your boy”,she was the 1st and now she’s the ex … Weezy’s spotlight and popularity has outdone her and now he’s onto something big and brand new, like the saying goes “the young shall grow”,so does everything around it …

Big ups weezy, we hope you last with this one!!!





  1. Y u guys pokin into his private life lyk dat….tz non of ur biznez. Ur jux fooling around.. Showin hw joblez u ar!!…get a job, pal.. Ur starboy z even too busy 4 dis lousy story of urz

  2. If he like, he shld hangout wit byonce, hug rihana, wed helliberry, cudle vivica fox nd winfrey oprah. Who cares? Alwys Kip ur mouth shut if u dn’t have anytin importnt 2 say. Shushhh!

  3. If she likes make she have ladies like solomon in d bible,he got his life to live, one thing is sure,he will get tired one day

  4. Aren’t u guys ashame of urself talkin about some one affair are u better dan him in a relationship . He knows d perfect match 4 him bro weezy carry go if u still wanna make it number 3 – 20 no problem is ur life son of solomon carry go u get mouth always on point.

  5. D guy is jst doin hz job…y all d insults!…if he dey dnt gv their time 2 stalk celebs,aw will u knw wats up wit dem…out!!!

  6. Wizkid, y did u av to leave ur ex girlfriend. My honest opinion in dis mata is that ur ex is d best girl 4 ur status. Any way it’s ur choice, do d right thing bro!!!!!

  7. whao,4 realiasing /knowing dis early dat good & wizkid worth having her.Luv u deji “wizkid” hold her tight,bcos she there from d beginning.

  8. It ur life en, u can even make me ur noba 3 as in jst a trial 08109817637, luv u lyk no man bizness, even a day outing plsssssssss


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