Photos: 8-Year Old Boy Still In Love With His 61-Year Old Wife, Says He Now Feels ‘Like A Husband’

If you missed Sanele Masilela’s story, the 8-year-old South African boy who took 61-year-old mother of five, Helen Shabangu as his bride, read it here but latest news coming out from the former Apartheid enclave suggest the couple are living together and apparently still in ‘love’.

One of the pictures shows the couple at the table having a meal, while another shows them just posing for the camera with smiles written all over their face.

The boy, who claimed his dead grandfather asked him to marry Helen, says he had a wonderful dream-come-true wedding.

“The day was great, exactly what I had imagined. My friends thought it was really funny I was getting married but I do now feel like a husband,” he said.

sanele senele