Tambuwal Distances Self From Alams State Pardon, Says It Was Ill Timed


aminu-waziri-tambuwal1Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has expressed displeasure with the state pardon granted former Bayelsa State governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha saying it was ill-timed.

Tambuwal, who spoke on the Hausa Service of Radio France International monitored yesterday, said even though the government has the powers to grant pardon, the decision came at the wrong time.

“In my own opinion I am not in support of the decision taken by the presidency,” he was quoted as saying.

“However, as a government, they have the right to do so, but the question we need to ask here is, is this the right time to take such decision?”

It would be recalled that Alamieyeseigha and seven others were granted state pardon by the Council of State last Tuesday at a meeting in Abuja chaired by President Goodluck Jonathan which Tambuwal himself attended.

But the Speaker did not say in the RFI interview if he raised any objection during the council meeting. He however added that many members of the House have expressed displeasure with the state pardon granted Alamieyeseigha.




  1. Tambuwal is a big fool. A crass oppurtunist who found himself in the position he would never hv gotten to. This so called federal character thing is a real set back to this nation. A person like Tambuwal should hv been doing charge and bail stuff somewhere in his desert sokoto state. This democracy thing sometimes use to throw up terrible characters. If its was a gold medal this their collective decision had won, he would not hv distance himself from it. Tambuwal is just a dog

  2. Mr Hazzan Adamu,with all total submissivenss,Nigerians Espect Your Sincere Apology,based on your rude and harsh words on Our Nation Number Four Citizen,is totally blur,Politics and Government are two Different thing,no body capable of passing such insultive ultrerances to such Significant Person based on paolitic,?Honourrable Tambuwah is still The Speaker,Federal National House of Representative,He still deserve more respect Please!!!

  3. thank u mr. owoseni i wonder why such ppl are nigerian cos they do not suppose to b nigerian. i think that is why we are still in difculties in nigeria


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