We’ll Not Stop Until We Establish An Islamic State – New B/Haram Message Denies Ceasefire, Dialogue With FG

boko-haram-attacks-yobe-nigeriaJust as Nigeria’s Military high command urged the Federal Government to take with a pinch of salt the purported ceasefire declaration by one Sheikh Abdulazeez on behalf radical Islamic sect, Boko Haram, the terrorist group’s substantive leader, Abubakar Shekau, has denied the purported cease fire and dialogue with the Nigerian government.

Shekau in a newly released video by the sect also denied Sheikh Abdulazeez stressing that nobody has asked anybody in the name of Abdulazeez to represent him or his movement.

The translated message reads:

‘May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. This is an important message to all people.

‘There is this wicked rumour making the rounds that we have dialogued with government of Nigeria which led to a ceasefire on our part. We have also heard how some of our operations and attacks are being credited to criminals. As such the security agents have been killing our armed members in the name of criminals. We have seen how our members who were out on holy mission are being attacked and killed with the label of criminals.

‘We are telling the world that whoever kills any of our members in the name of being criminals, would surely be avenged unless such person repents now.

‘We are stating it categorically that we are not in any dialogue or ceasefire agreement with anyone. And we have never asked anybody in the name Abdulazeez to represent me, Abubakar Shekau, the leader of this movement.

‘I swear by Allah that Abdulazeez or whatever he calls himself did not get any authority from me to represent me in any capacity. I do not know him. And if we per adventure encounter Abulazeez and his group, I swear by Allah we are going to mete them with the grave judgment that Allah has prescribed for their likes in the holy book.

‘I want the world to know that we have no dialogue with government. I have on several occasions attempted to pass this message across via the Internet and Youtube and we later realised that some agents of government kept removing our messages from the net and preventing  its online publication so that our messages will not be heard. They know that If the world hears our position on this fake dialogue, their efforts of deceit would be exposed.

‘We are also sending this strong message to the people of Yobe, Borno, Bauchi, Kano, Kaduna, Taraba, Adamawa, and any state that whoever kills any of our members should await a grave retaliation from us. God knows that we don’t kill unjustly except those that conspired against us or those that directly fight us, or the government that is waging war upon Allah and His Prophet. We will continue waging war against them until we succeeded in establish an Islamic state in Nigeria.

‘This message is prepared by me and targeted towards  clarifying the issue of ceasefire. We have never had any dialogue with anyone. How would we have had dialogue with the government when our members are being killed and detained in cells, both women and children. Do you call this dialogue? That is not dialogue or truce in Islam. In Islam there are condition prescribed for us to go into dialogue, and there are also situation in which we cannot go in to dialogue. What we are doing now is what is prescribed for us by Allah and his holy prophet. We are workers in the vine yard of Allah.

‘We are not out to cause destructions, but correct the ills of the society. And Allah is more powerful than all, and He has the might. Allah will surely assist us to victory. This is my message to you. If you have not heard from me all this while, now my message should have reached you all’.


  1. Hw l wish ,l can belong to Nigeria Army nd posted to north …pls let us tink wat we are doing in dis country is nt good , d…we no that our govt is currpt pls face govt nt innocent pple… Or military personel

  2. Shekau you study ur quran upside down, you are d one wagin war against God, you are d infidel, agent of darkness you deserve to die like others of ur member

  3. Islamic militants have never achieved victory anywhere in the world, and they will never achieve victory – unless if God is not alive.

  4. Why shekau wil nt kill when his holy book instruct him to kill infidel. Can any muslim explain wht these sura mean in Quran? Sura 5:51, Sure 9:5

  5. Shekau or shekur,i dnt think u get what u want with violence unless with peace,what u re doing is the poor ones that suffering it,come to talk of it,did the teaches you to kill the poor and less privelege for a creation of a state,My brother judgement awaits uuuuuu.

  6. Mumu,stupid ignorance…..continue,we go see who go suffer atlast……my little advice 2 all christians is 2 serve GOD wit all their heart n b ready 4 enternity bcos no mata wat dis stupid maggot say or do JUESUS is LORD

  7. My God dey always & will continue 2 fights 4 me NOT me 4 Him (who create who), can u imargine one fighting 4 God? Abi na firewood god? Dat of islamic state my bros abeg e 2 small 4 ona. Mak ona mak ham islamic country abeg mak pple lik us enjoy our oil money alone abeg bcos na 2much stealing dey cause dis wastage (1 Niziria). Wen @ d end of evry month u just share d money, y mumu no go worry u pple?. My prayer is, God should spit dis country enough of dis nonsense.

  8. Let us share this nation, make mumu people go, we are not comfortable with this fool Arewa(animals) they nothing for us to gain.

  9. These fools would have been boring if not that they murder innocent people in their attempt to copy their fellow imbeciles in the middle east. Islam is such a curse to mankind that prophet mohammed’s ghost should be dragged back from hell where it is and whipped into a huge pile of dung. Fuck islam and the stinking scrap book/terrorist manual called koran. Muslims deserve to be shipped to planet pluto.

    • @CJ, I’m of d belief that only a 19th century fool still regards d Boko haram sect as muslims. They only camouflage their evil ways under d umbrella of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace & d Holy Quran preaches love & peace. It is very wrong of u 2 speak ill of a religion u absolutely know nothing about. U better watch ur rotten mouth & ask God 4 forgiveness.

    • who is this MORON, BAMBASTICAL PIG, INDENOUS GOAT, CONTAMINATED PIG? u will surely burn in hell, it is a promise made by ALLAH not me u IDIOT, u are a pegan not a christian, a goat is of better use to this world than u are wallahi. i swear by ALLAH if i can see u face to face i will cut ur head down and drown ur remains, becauise that is what every muslim will do and i also blame this site for not censoring what cowards and monkeys like u are posting. may u burn in hell till eternity, even Satan did not insult d HOLY book and d Holy Prophet, so who are u to do so??? i am a MUSLIM but i believe in THE bible because it is a holy book you MORON. give me ur address and i will personally assassinate you.

  10. @cj, you are very stupid for qualifying islam in such manner, i am not supporting what shakau and the rest are doing, may Allah jurge them according to their deeds. Islam is a religion of peace, our prophet muhammand is a man of peace and our Quran is noble book of peace. Pls watch the kind of thing u will say out from ur mouth.

  11. First of all the so-calld “muslim figthers” are nt muslims they only hide bhide d curtin to spoil d name of islam! Secndly stupid idoits lyk u ND,Holu and CJ are the main reason such ppl exist u just open ur mouth n say rubbish, split the contry blah blah blah….. At the end u guys wuld suffer the aftermath foolish idiots I guess u tink with ur anus! Shegu yan banza! Just bcox sum certain ppl decied to do sumtin inhuman den u open ur maggot mouth n generalize ol muslims! Oh I c so jesus suports gay marrage abi? Upto d extend you have gay church! Stupid ppl tink b4 u tlk! My emphasis mre on CJ or wot eva u call urslf. Bros no worry u shall face Allah wen ur so call bible dey mak e save u nonsence

  12. why i am so proud to be a muslim and my religion is with all the misconception of the religion we still remain strong and have strong moral character toward every religion sorrounding us no matter you bigotted writers say about my bloved prophet or Allah we never revenge or abuse your “god” bcos every muslim knows the value, dignity and how mighty jesus (pbuh) he is to us and our religion, we love him dearly, we will never disrespect him or say abusive word toward him. but you guys since u dont have and respect for anything that deos not agree with your faith which shows ur pastors and ur priest does not teach other than hatred and envy toward the muslim faith

  13. @sauduna or watever ur name is called?watch ur mouth before d wrath of God fall upon u.How dare u insult our Lord JESUS CHRIST,D only begotten son of God?U can insult human being but not d ONLY BEGOTTEN son of GOD.If u say islam is a religion of peace,how come its followers are causing chaos and havocs in Nigeria?How many mosque has been bombed since they started their madness?But one thing is sure,there is no name that is given other than that name JESUS,at d mention of dat name Jesus every knee must bow….their end is near,God has given them enough time to repent and forsake their evil deeds but since they refuse to repent,,they shall all perish and vanish like a smoke….they must meet their waterloo since they have d gut to even say they want to islamize Nigeria.NIGERIA IS FOR CHRIST……D earth is d LORD’S and d fulness thereof(psalm 24v1)…ALLELUIA

  14. Listen to me my friend abubakar Shekau or whatever u call your self this is a very important message to u and your gang i promise you this, today koko haram has come to an end am going to fight you and gang personally this is a ceasefire bit ween i and you and may the almighty Allah that u open up your deadly mouth to call strike u dead before my visit be ready for war i am going to fight you real good trust me and for our leaders that has hands in this matter they ll also pay with their blood wasted generation !

  15. i will see you perish!!!! evil have never defeated good. it will not happen in my time. you will rot in hell. Northern Animal

  16. @Sardauna or whatever u called urself u’re an egrate a rotten 1 dat is dead already. Am a xtian but does islam teaches war and insult dat u abuse other people n their religion.

  17. my muslim broders we r suppose 2 b lookn 4 dis stupid,useless animal called Shekau bt nt comparn,insultn one anoder if we wnt 2 b honest wth ourselves.dis man has done more harm dan good 2 us

  18. Wat i knw We Muslim Ummah are peace loving ppl. But, dere’re lot of Misconceptions on wat Islam reall means, in d side of Some Muslim Ummah and Non Muslim alike. If Islam is nt true religeon Benedict will not convert to ISLAM.

  19. Thank God and to my parents that I belong to xtian family where they teach me good not to a religion that teaches how to kill people and distroy people’s property.
    Islamic always teach about violence drunk,killing,having concubine, etc book haram God will come down and judge you soon.

  20. My brodaz n siterz dis is d tyme 4 us 2 start fighting ourselves, weda Christians or Muslims shud all come 2geda n fight dis menace bcos we r all suffring 4rm d consequences of dis madness so we stop threading words wit eachother bcos dat wil make dis devils 2 rejoice n do more havoc! Ok? Pls letz come down 2geda as a person n 1 nation.Thnks.


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