Why I Shaved Off My Dreadlocks – Waconzy

Waconzy-360x225CEO of DV8 Innovation and popular singer, Waconzy, has explained the reason behind his new looks. It would be recalled that the ‘Celebrate’ singer used to spot dreadlocks before he shaved them off for a low cut.

In this interview culled from PUNCH, Waconzy says: “As a matter of fact, I wasn’t born with dreadlocks. I just promoted that look. The main reason I shaved off the dreads was because I was getting more matured and considering the kind of business I do, I decided to look like a CEO that I am.

“I also considered the fact that I want to get to the next level in life and looking at my friends that are also CEOs, most of them do not sport dreads. I took of my dreads to compliment the Waconzy 2.0 – that it is the new Waconzy, the elevated, rebranded and upgraded Waconzy.”

Explaining that the new him looks better, he adds, “To a reasonable extent, it will reflect in my new songs and my new album, Money Back Guaranteed. The fact that I took of the dreads does not change me, if at all, it makes me look better.”