Yero Celebrates 100 Days In Office, Decries Ethno-Religious Divide In Kaduna State

Ramalan YeroGovernor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna state has decried the living pattern in Kaduna metropolis which he said is divided along ethno-religious lines with the “ugly situation” now spreading to other parts of the state.

Speaking during a lecture on peace as part of activities to mark his 100 days in office yesterday, the governor said the new pattern of living was as a result of “unwarranted hostilities”.

“Government is disturbed by the situation where people can no longer reside wherever they wish for fear of being singled out for attack in times of crisis due to a particular disparity with other residents that are in majority.

“We reject such situation and we are currently working on ways to build genuine peace, where people of diverse background will have the confidence to live side by side in any part of the state they so wish. We cannot work together and share jokes by afternoon and fear to sleep in the same locations at night. That is not genuine peace and we cannot continue that way.

“As first step to achieving greater unity, I have declared that all citizens of Kaduna State are equal; there is no indigene/settler dichotomy in our state. This has become necessary to douse tension and give all citizens a sense of belonging”, he said.

While reiterating his administration’s commitment to encourage people of the state to live peacefully and contribute to the development of the state through lawful means, he urged them to eschew all forms of sentiments and suspicions against one another saying, “we must see ourselves as one people united under one God”