Jonathan’s 2015 Ambition Unneccesarily Heating Up The Polity – Agoro

President-Goodluck-Jonathan-480x300Dr. Olapade Agoro, a former Presidential aspirant, has said Jonathan’s ambition to re-contest in 2015 is distracting him.

Agoro made this observation while addressing reporters in Ibadan on Monday.

He said, “Obviously, Jonathan’s 2015 ambition is heating up the polity beyond what the nation can bear.

“The 2015 ambition of the President makes him to close his eyes to several acts of corruption and wrong doings in high places in the country so as not to step on toes of perceived powerful individuals.

“The president is blinded by ambition. In effect, this is crippling the national economy to an unimaginable level.

“The situation on ground now, sentiments apart, is terribly on minus. The fact that nothing socially, economically and politically is moving in the spheres of development is indicative that Nigeria is dangerously sliding towards anarchy.

“Nigeria’s economy is developing without progress. This is making things worse. Jonathan is obviously managing the worse economic scenario we have ever known in Nigeria.

“Democracy, as good as it is, is being marred by wanton corruption, lies and covers up, all attracting insecurity and threat to our corporate existence.”

To salvage the situation, Agoro called for a general clean-up in the polity.  “There must be a surgical operation, however painful it would be for Nigeria to be saved from the impending implosion,” he said.