Majority Of Victims Of Boko Haram Attacks Are Muslims – Northern Traditional Rulers

sultansokotoFollowing the rejection of the Federal Government’s consideration of amnesty for members of Boko Haram by leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau, the Northern Traditional Rulers Council has insisted that the FG should go ahead with the plan.

The council made the call in a resolution after it’s meeting held at the palace of the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Muhammed Sa’ad Abubakar III.

In the statement issued by the coordinating secretary of the council, Alhaji Najib Hussaini Adamu who also doubles as Emir of Kazaure, the body of traditional rulers from the North called for decisive action from the Federal Government to curb the “unfortunate escalation of insecurity in the country.”

The statement stated that: “The meeting calls on the Federal Government to consider dialogue as the better option in resolving the crises. To this end, the federal government is called upon to reconsider its stand and offer amnesty to the insurgents who embrace the path of peace, reformation and reintegration with the larger society. This is the norm the world over and there exists a precedent in Nigeria.”
The council further noted that the violence was not targeted at non-Muslims as the majority of the victims were Muslims; citing attempts on the lives of Emir of Kano, Shehu of Borno and Emir of Fika as testimonies to this fact.

The Northern Traditional Rulers Council also expressed their condolences to families who have lost their relatives in the reign of terror launched by Boko Haram.


  1. He only stated d emir’s palace 2 prove his point. Y didn’t he mention sabo-gari motor park n other churches dat were affected. D truth is dat we shouldn’t b self-center. D boko haram guys hv nothing 2 justify their claim. I pray dat our lovely country 2 hv peace soon lyk d 90s..

  2. If so call Boko-Haram victims are mainly muslims,what of christain dat were Bomb and killed in various churches over d north?will federal Govt compensate their family?Goodluck be wise, dis is nt reasons why we elected u.

  3. The majority of victims of Boko Haram are/were the Muslims who are/ were worshipping in the churches at the time the churches are/ were bombed ? Leaders with poor thoughts and filthy mouths housed by lies !

  4. What the emir said that more muslims have been killed as a result of the activities of boko haram is a fat lie. A very big one. Can u see that he only mentioned 3 emirs. Perhaps what he is sayin is that those 3 emirs are bigger than those that died. As much as i agree that muslims have died from these attacks, bt its alos important to state categorically that over 80% of vivtims of the sects are christians.

  5. “majority of boko haram victims are Muslims” hahahahahah…… I laugh to dis bullshit. How many times hv a mosque been bombed? How many times hv bomb been found @ Muslim dominated areas? It all boils down to one thing…. THEY KNOW THEMSELVES.

  6. See,our so called leader has
    Lost the trust the people they
    Govern b/cos they turn public
    Fund and property as their family
    Business-playing politics with
    Their peoples lives and properties.
    It is rebouncing back on them.
    B/cos bomb dosn’t know president
    ,Or minister_thier taught is very
    They are not engaging the citizen
    Of the nation Nigeria possetively.
    And that’s the result.
    As for-boko what-haram-what do
    You say to a Man that out of
    Madness lite up his house? Or
    Kills his mother? Will I allow
    Him come and live under my own
    Loof and my mother as his own?
    Let pursue all foreiners in
    Their area. Later they will
    Understand bitterly.

  7. Why is there no iota of truth in majourity of northern Leader, were they saying that those attempt on 3 Emir is worrisome than thousand of christian that were killed in churches. God will judge you soon for that careless watering talk. Respect to all d southern muslims highly cultured & rootted

  8. All the muslims that might have died by boko haram are collateral damage when BH attacked core christian gathering or community. This man is only playing politics with this bh menace. If a christian group targeted the muslims d way bh have done, we might have been in another civil war by this time.

  9. those attacks on their traditional rulers were stage managed to make it look like they are also victims if not why didn`t they succeed in killing even one of them. Nigerian northern muslims are traitors to this country

  10. its quite abysmal to see people talk like this, boko haram killed thousand of people both Muslims and Christians. Do you guys really know the statistics? or you are just assuming from what you have heard. also because the disasters dominated the north… u assume its a region or religion that is behind this. whoever kills is not a Muslim stated in many verses of the Qur’an. you shouldn’t assume…please lets be cultured and make good findings before commenting on a public website like this. ignorant of the masses is now not just enough but they also speak that they know not of… as if you don’t know what politics is about. i pray God restores peace in our country.

  11. @socalled emir,wht exactly is he tryin to say is he tryin to imply that we xristian are not to b worried ?instead of thinking of hw to solve the problem in that region he is shamelessly being selfish & ignorantly stupid

  12. WHAT NONSENSE!!! In d whole of maiduguri there ar only 2 catholic churches standing….. Since dis insurgency,,, how many mosques have been bombed….. Modafucking cowards kill xtians all in d name of JIHAD and claim dat dey ar fighting governt… WHAT NONSENSE!! U tink we dont wat dis shit is all about… Soon d monsters u created will turn against u!!!

  13. Another big lies from bottom less pit. How can a northern elite who should be talking wisly be telling us or quantifing death toll of by religion/ethnicity. Christians & igbo/yoruba are the highest maimed & killed by the bastards called boko harams

  14. Dis man is so ignorant n so unwise for making dis kind if comment,but com to look at it,hu did he want dem to kil if not demselves,don’t worry just keep on being elders dat cannot talk sense into it’s youth, by d time boko haram finishes wit d north it’ll be too late for u to kno dat dey were not fighting Jonathan but u in particular,don’t call dem to order now.

  15. Please my fellow nigerians,i want to use this opportunity to let you all know that the issue of boko haram is not just only religious but political,since this democratic government of a thing in nigeria,i don’t think any government has suffered what Gej has suffered for us, it’s very unfortunate that in the sake of religion majority northerners are been use by this aliens,i understand that Islam simply means peace but because of the bad eggs the whole world now see it like something else,i strongly believe that if not because of religion ties all those blood suckers,aliens,joyless people would have been revealed by now! I rest my case here.