Pugilism In Ikorodu As Daughters Fight ‘Uncaring’ Father

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Two girls yesterday fought their father in Ikorodu area of Lagos. It almost got out of hand as the girls were both hospitalised, while their father also sustained a slight injury.

Trouble began in the morning, around 10 a.m., when the girls, a 20-year-old and a 15-year-old, whose parents had been separated for 14 years, allegedly laid ambushed for their father who was driving in Gberigbe area of the town.

An eyewitness said the children who had been complaining of lack of care allegedly swooped on their father after intercepting his car. They demanded to be paid before they were going to release him, but the man was unable to pay, infuriating his daughters, who pounced on him.

The witness said further that the man invited one of his friends to help him, and they both overpowered the angry girls, before concerned passers-by brokered peace and reported the incident at a nearby police division.

Speaking on the incident, an eyewitness identified as Ms Lawal said she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girls for having such a shameless father. “Regardless of who was wrong or right, no responsible man should allow family issues deteriorate to the extent we saw today.”